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Chrysler Repair/2004 Chrysler Sebring - No Crank


I assume the starter relay is clicking.

Yes the starter relay is clicking.

The brown wire is at the middle pin of the starter motor relay's socket (and is possibly labeled as pin 10 of that socket).

Do you mean the brown wire should be running into the distribution box to the back side of where the starter relay is at (position 27 in the distribution box)?  The starter relay is clicking when turning over the ignition switch.

It goes out of the box  <<<<   what box are we talking about?

and goes to a nearby light gray multi-wire disconnect

<<<  what color wire goes out?  the brown wire?....  so there should be a brown wire from the distribution box via position 27 (relay) ie coming in from the solenoid on the  starter, and there should be another brown wire running running out from that relay to a 10 wire connector(gray), with the brown wire running into the pin 5 position?

(10 wires) at pin 5, that is mounted together with a black 14-wire disconnect, side-by-side very near to the speed control servo plug, all on the left side of the engine compartment.

<<  so there is a 10 wire connector and 14 wire connector sitting side by side?

<<  left side as you are sitting driver side ... or  left side as your facing the engine compartment when standing in fornt of the passenger side?

So go to that light gray disconnect and check for voltage or not on both sides of that disconnect pin 5 when the start is tried. That way you will know whether the brown wire is broken between that disconnect at the starter solenoid or between that disconnect and the pin 10 of the starter motor relay in the power distribution box. Then follow the brown wire, looking for damage/disconnect at either end.

<< I'm confused... is there only one brown wire and it is from the solenoid to pin 5 of the connector mentioned and then out to the relay socket?  The relay is clicking, so doesn't that mean it is getting power?  

Why is the brown wire then just not ran directly from the solenoid to the starter relay socket with out going through this connector?

You lost me in the above paragraph.
The ignition switch and the neutral safety switch are what cause the relay to close (click) so those are OK. The relay's closing is what sends current from fuse #8 out on the brown wire that then goes to the start motor solenoid as I described above.
The fuses 24 and 25 only show power when the automatic shutdown relay is energized and that would be when you are successfully cranking over the engine or have the engine running.

Yes but there is only one brown wire and that starts at to the starter relay socket (but you would have to break into the box to see that) but it then goes out of the box to the light gray disconnect (at pin 5 of the disconnect) and continues from the other side of the disconnect to the solenoid switch. Yes, two disconnects are side by side on driver's side of the engine compartment (probably near the rear end of the engine, but also near the cruise control servo plug). So look for those two disconnects mounted side by side.
The relay is clicking so the actuation coil that closes the switch is getting power, and also the power is then being connected to the brown wire due to the relay closing. That single brown wire (which is split in two at the disconnect) then carries the power to the starter motor solenoid switch. I can't explain why the Chrysler engineers sent the wire through the disconnect but that is the way it is. It gives you a chance to determine where the problem is along that wire so that is good.
Thanks for the rating and nomination.
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