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Chrysler Repair/2005 Town and Country Alignment and Jacking Issues


Car was pulling to the right so took it in for an alignment and they said it was due to tie rods. So replaced tie rods both inner and outer and now they say if is due to Chamber. They say it is beyond the adjustment bolt for the front and it needs a shim in the rear.  

The left front cam was off -.6 and the rear right off -.3.  

I plan to buy and install 2 Camber Bolt/Eccentrics for the struts.  

My first question is should I be worried about the rear Cam on this vehicle.  Wouldn’t something have to be bent or something for the rear to be off and is that enough off to worry about.

The other issue is after replacing the tie rods and getting the alignment; the car now makes a creaky noise when turning low speed.  I asked the guy at Firestone to check it and he shook the car and said it was the either the sway bar bushing or the control arm bushing.   Could jacking the car and bringing it back down lead to this problem and how can you isolate the problem?

This leads me to my last question.  Where in the world are you supposed to jack and install jack stands on a 2005 Town and Country.  The book talks about the reinforced pinch wells, which are bent on my car.   But I like to install the jack stands there.  Ideally I would like to jack from a center point and that way can install both jacks at once.  Let’s start with the front.  Here is spot where I would like to jack the car from using a floor jack

Then place the jack stand under the pinch wells.  This way I can have 2 jack stands and the floor jack as support.  

But as difficult as the front is to figure out the back is even worst.  I would like to jack the car in the center of the deal axle (not sure if that is the right terminology – Front wheel Drive).  But not sure if it is strong enough to support the entire weight in the center.  Again this way one floor jack and 2 jack stands at the pinch well.

As an alternative I could jack the car on the dead axle closer to the wheel where the Spring is supported as shown below

This would require jacking the car twice though and would need two floor jacks as backup safety.

Hi Robert,
I would not jack up the vehicle from any point on it other than what is shown in the manual.
I have the '05  service manual on a CD and can copy 10 pages about wheel alignment and a couple about lifting, and attach those to an email I would send to you directly. I need to know your email address but when you tell me that don't use the @ symbol, rather use "at" or the address will be erased automatically.

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