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Chrysler Repair/Car wont start after 24v charger used


QUESTION: Car won't start. Removed battery to charge and was accidently hooked up to a 24 volt switched breaker charger now the security light comes on once when attempting to start then remains lit. Checked pcm,fuses,relays key fob and all ignition lights are fine do you have any idea what could possibly be wrong cars been down for three weeks. I have a 2006 chrysler 300 2.7 l engine

ANSWER: Hi Sandra,
Was the 24v charger ever hooked to the battery while the battery was still connected to the car? If not, then the battery has presumably been either overcharged or damaged. If the 24 was applied to the battery when it was still attached in the car, then there may have been damage to a component of the electrical system, but all I can tell you is which items are connected when the ignition switch is off. I assume that you didn't try to start it with the 24v applied to the battery. Correct?
What is the 'security light'/where is it located is my other question.

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QUESTION: No the car was not started while connected to 24v charger.The security light is posistion on instrument panel between speedometer and fuel gauge everything seems to fuction could it be a security control module or skreem or what else I could possibly check for

ANSWER: But was the battery still connected to the cable clamps when you charged it, or were the clamps disconnected and the charger merely applied to the disconnected battery? If the former then there could be system damage of the vehicle, if not then only the battery would be the problem.
If the car itself never 'saw' 24v. then I suspect the battery was damaged and now doesn't put out 12.8V but is much less than that. I would borrow a voltmeter to measure it, or try a jump start from another vehicle (after removing the possibly damaged battery). It probably does put out enough volts to close the starter relay or operate the starter motor is my suspicion. The things that appear to work will do so even with a weak battery, but not the starter motor.
However, if the charger was put on the battery while it was still connected to the car, then I am concerned that some component of the car wiring system is damaged (such as the powertrain control module which is connected to the battery even when the ignition is off and thus might have been damaged).
See what the battery voltage is, or try a jump start with another vehicle.

PS: To possibly get an answer as to what is wrong try using the ignition key: turn it "on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. Then watch the odometer window in the cluster to see if the mileage reading replaced by any 4-digit numbers, preceded by a P. Those would be fault code numbers which would tell if the PCM has noticed a specific problem with the system.

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QUESTION: Is there a way to check the powertrain control module

Yes, I just sent you a revised answer to your immediately previous follow up which in fact is the way to see if the PCM will or will not respond to a request about the functioning of it (by the fact that it responds or not to your request to know what is in its memory. So try that ignition key approach.

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