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Russell from hawaii again with the 1994 lhs.  I tested the sockets on asd relay.

Key off power on 30
key on power on 86
key off clamp on test light to battery positive probe to 85 light was on bit dim  Key to on light got brighter. Cranked engine light went off.

Also back probed pin 51 at pcm.  Key on test light clamp on t pin.  Probe on ground.  Fuel pump relay clicked asd did not.

Any ideas?

ANSWER: Hi Russell,
This was my last answer, did you try it?
Remove the ASD relay and simply Temporarily jump a wire from the rear to the front pin of the socket. That will definitely power the coil and the injectors. If it starts, then we still have to figure out how to get the OK from the pcm to close the ASD relay. Are there still not fault code flashes when you to the key dance?
I can't make much sense of what you reported. So just try the above and try for fault codes.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sorry forgot I did that.  Jumped it power went to coil no start.  Should I check for spark?  Also I have staring fluid try and spray some into intake?

The above is me testing the sockets on the asd relay.

With key on i got power to pin 30 test light lit up. Clamp to negative probe to socket 30

Then repated same set up key to on socket 86 light turned on.

Socked 85 put clamp on negative probe from light into socker 85.  With key off light turned on.  I turned key on light got brighter. Cranked engine light turned off.  Does that mean it's getting ground signal.

I then went to pin 51 on pcm that socket 85 is connected to.  I clamped prone to back probe touched test light to engine block.  This made the fuel pump relay click as it shares the same ground wire as asd.  But asd did not click.

ANSWER: Grounding the dark blue/yellow wire at pin 51 causes both the fuel pump relay and the ASD relay to click (with the key in the run position).
Again, I suggest that you just do the rear to front pin socket jump at both the ASD relay Socket and the fuel pump relay Socket (with both relays removed from their sockets) and then try to start it.
How about Fault Codes?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Got I'll try it on both relays.  Fault code went away.  I did have to swap batteries again though.

I've cranked engine about 30 times.

Well, if you jump across both relay sockets and it still doesn't start then there should be a fault code, and if not then possibly the only other reason is that the exhaust gas recirculation valve is stuck open slightly ajar which is leaning out the mixture. Try lubricating the valve stem where it enters the valve body with WD-40 or similar and then move the stem back and forth and check that the internal spring action is closing the valve to a dead stop.

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