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QUESTION: Hi there I have an airbag lamp lit. I purchased on-line a used Miller Tool Airbag Load Tool 8443. The reason I purchased the newer one instead of the 8310 is because the newer tool will cover my wife's 2010 Jeep Liberty. It has many jumpers and there isn't any owners manaul. It does have a sheet that has the applications for each jumper on it but there isn't a listing for a 2002 LH vehicle.
I guess the question I have is would you happen to know which Miller Tool jumper I would use to troubleshoot each airbag on this 300M? And if you know of a location I could purchase a hard copy or download a file of the users manual for the Miller 8310 or 8443 would be appreciated.
Thank you very much in advance.

ANSWER: Hi Paul,
I am not familiar with the Airbag Load Tools.
My thought is that before getting into that question you take advantage of the on-board diagnostics of the vehicle by using a fault code reader to see if there is a specific malfunction code that has been logged into the body control module. The codes are given as words rather than fault code numbers so you would need to get such a readout at a repair shop. It might cost $40 for that or less. If you get a readout I do have the body service manual that lists the procedure for dealing with each of the airbag codes and could share that with you by attaching the pages to an email I would send to you directly. I need the code and your email address to do that. If you tell me your code don't use the @ symbol, instead use "AT", or the address will be erased.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Iím back to reality. Here are the codes as they were displayed.
Under the driver/passenger section: RightSIdleAirControlM  (RSIACM).
Under the Side Air bag Left: No codes present.
Under the Side Airbag Right: Thorax Squib Circuit Open.
I have the FSM if it is described in the manual(s) could you please let me know which one and what section and paragraph? Iím have a difficult time locating anything to do in the manual except were the parts are located.
Thank you in advance.
Paul Rapoza

ANSWER: Hi Paul,
Thanks for the rating and nomination for my first two answers. Very kind of you to do that.
I am working with the body manual for '04, but it clearly states in the text that it applies to the '03 so I would believe it is likely to also apply to your '02.
The problem appears to be related to the passenger side air bag, specifically the one for the upper part of the body (thorax).
The two codes that I find similar to the first and third that you listed are titled:
"no right sciam message" on pages 68-9
"passenger squib 1 circuit open" on pages 70-2
The "no codes side airbag left" may just confirm that the problem is on the passenger side only, because I don't otherwise find that message to be listed.
The best thing to do would be for me to copy those 5 pages and attach them to an email I would send to you directly. Let me know your email address but don't use @, instead use "at" or the address will be erased automatically.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Roland thank you for the information. My e-mail address is scarablover99atyahoodotcom.
I'll check the 2002 body manual and see if I can track those codes down. If you could send me a file that would be great. That would help me locate the information too.
The load tool I mentioned earlier emulates the airbag itself or the module. You'd unplug the suspect part, plug in the module and if the light goes out the suspect part is confirmed. If it doesn't there is an issue elsewhere. I guess there is a certain resistance in each part the the tool emulates the resistance. The other tech here told me the tool I have, the Miller 8443 is for '05' and up. I'll need to pick up the Miller 8310. I'll need to see if there are connector leads that fit because I thought I read on-line soemwhere that the 8443 supercedes the 8310 we'll see.
With the Genisys I have it gives you three options to check the airbags. Driver/passenger, side airbag left, and side airbag right.
Under the driver/passenger section: RightSIdleAirControlM (RSIACM).
Under the Side Air bag Left: No codes present.
Under the Side Airbag Right: Thorax Squib Circuit Open.
Looks like two codes, one for the passenger side airbag, and the passenger side, side airbag. With the information you send, that lead will help me verify for sure.
I have another code I'll contact you guys for this vehicle later on. It's a open heater circuit bank 1, sensor 2. I'll tackle this one after the airbag code is taken care of. In Massachusetts you can drive for so long after an ispection with an emmission code, but a safety code you are not supposed to.
Thanks for all the help. I appreciate it.

Hi Paul,
I will copy the pages from the '04 manual and send them today. If you have the '02 body manual of course see if you find the codes that you have in hand. The wording may not be identical if the code reader is not the Chrysler DRB III but at least similar. I will also include the code list and so compare that to your '02 and let me know if different or not. Thanks

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