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I have a 2004 Chrysler Sebring 4 dr sedan, 2.7L V-6 with auto trans & 157,000 miles on it. While driving during the day, I heard a pop from the radio, then it shut off and came right back on. At the same time, the odemeter and gear shift display flickered on and off. After about a minute, the display stopped blinking and remained on. When that happened, the alternator warning light came on. I was able to drive the 5 miles to make it home. When I arrived, I shut the car off. I used the key method to retrieve any trouble codes and there was only one- P0563 (System Voltage HIgh) I turned the key to the off position and then turned the key to try to start it. None of the dashboard warning lights lit up, the car did not turn over, and none of the electrical accessories- windows, door locks, mirrors, headlights, radio, windshield wipers would work.
When the radio popped during the drive, the radio was the only thing on- no heat, no headlights, no wipers.
I visually checked all of the fuses and none were blown.
The battery was less than 2 years old and the alternator was a remanufactured replacement purchased in July of this year. I took the battery and alternator to the place of purchase to have both tested. The battery showed a full charge and I was told the alternator was fine. I talked them into replacing the alternator and was given a new one. I reinstalled the battery and remanufactured alternator in the car and it started fine. With the car running and with the heater blower on, the radio on and the headlights on, the voltage at the battery was 14.06 volts. With the car off, the voltage at the battery was 12.33 volts.
It sounds like it was fixed, but before I go somewhere, in your opinion, could the problem have been caused by a bad voltage regulator in the alternator, or another bad component of the alternator? I drive my 88 yr old mother around and before I take her around and have the car stop running, I'd like your opinion about the alternator.

Hi Peter,
Sorry for the delay in responding to your question but I just found it in the "pool" to which it had been referred by the other expert, Kevin.
The P0563 code says that the voltage regulation failed at that time which mainly could be due to a fault in the alternator or the wiring of the alternator's field control that comes from the powertrain control module to the alternator, or finally a failure of the regulatory function which is inside the powertrain control module.
The alternator has been replaced so I would simply check whether the two thinner wires at the alternator are in good condition all along their harness as far as you can follow them.
There were two different wiring designs of the charging system used in '04 depending upon when the car was built. So if you send a follow-up question tell me whether those wires were either orange/dark green and dark green or were black/tan and dark green.
If one of those two thinner wires were 'shorting' to a nearby 12 volt wire or shorting to ground (depending upon which wiring was used in the car) that would cause the alternator voltage to be too high because the alternator would be running "unregulated". Rather than being shorted, the field coil is supposed to be oscillated between 0 and 12v so as to produce the desired voltage output of the alternator which is around 14 volts.
If those thinner wires look in good condition then there is no likelihood of a recurrence of the problem unless the powertrain control module, which is supposed to oscillate the voltage on one of those wires, is flakey and failing to do what it is supposed to do.
I would believe it is safe to drive know, reliably.
Please respond to the "PS" below. Thanks,

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