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i added in a trailer wiring harness to the minivan. after which the radio no longer works and the battery has a bit of a drain.

my meter shows a 180ma drain on the battery but what i read is to expect a 25ma drain. with the fuse box red wire removed drain is 0. no change in drain when removing all but 1 fuse(IOD). when i removed the IOD fuse i got noise (i think relay switching rapidly) and quickly disconnected the multimeter. should it be safe to remove the IOD fuse with the battery disconnected? currently i am disconnecting the radio and rechecking the current draw.

IOD stands for Ignition off draw  that fuse is pulled when they make teh car at factory and have it sitting on teh lot for months until its shipped to a dealer.  then we as tech instill them and test all teh systems out.  Get a wire diagram and see what circuit u spliced into that is also in relation to the iod circuit and teh harness u installed.

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