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Chrysler Repair/'02 Sebring coupe: no start/no fuel pump noise for a moment


QUESTION: I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring...when it had the old battery in it it could get jumped an would run..i got a new battery,and now the car wont start.What should I check for next so the car will start

ANSWER: Hi Donnie,
What it the body-style of this Sebring?
Do you mean that the engine turns over via the starter motor but won't catch and run, or do you mean the starter motor won't work at all? How soon after the battery was installed did this latest problem begin?
Try turning the ignition switch "on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. Then watch the odometer window of the speedometer to see if the mileage reading changes to show any 4-digit numbers preceded by a P.

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QUESTION: It is a Chrysler Sebring coupe...and when I turn the key to on position and off i don't hear turns over it just won't start..and i checked all the fuses..its weird because it started with the old battery when it got jumped and it doesn't want to start with a new battery

ANSWER: Did it ever start/make any noises after the new battery was installed?
If not, might the battery be installed backwards? Have you checked the far ends of the battery cables for connection condition?
If it worked with new battery...and for how long, but now won't, might the battery be discharged due to a short or leaving the lights on, or a bad battery? Do the headlights seem bright? or do you have a voltmeter to check the battery voltage?

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QUESTION: The battery is hooked up right..when the old battery was in it started with a jump..and with the new battery it won't even start..

I am trying to understand the history of the battery change. When you installed the battery (or did a dealer/shop do it?) did it ever start/make a brief noise (fuel pump) when you turned the key to run? If so, for how long did this work? If not, then you need to test the battery/measure its voltage. I can't suggest anything further until you tell me more or check out the battery? It is possible that the ignition switch went bad, but I think that is unlikely to have happened at exactly the same time that you installed the battery.
Will it work with a battery "jump". Did you check the battery cables (particularly the - post battery cables) at the far ends to be sure it is attached to the body properly and to the engine?

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