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Chrysler Repair/'05 T & C: codes 0113 and 0302


QUESTION: i recently purchased a 2005 chrysler town & country touring, first the ignition would not recognize my key now i have a check engine light- i brought it to midas and they told me that i have a cylinder 2 misfire code 302 and code 113 air intake sensor- i feel like i bought a lemon- what should i do? how long can i go with out fixing this seeing as midas told me gonna cost like 1000$

I can't see how Midas concluded a $1,000 repair.
The inlet air temp sensor is a simple device mounted at the top of the engine at the front where the intake air corrugated rubber pipe brings the intake air to the engine. It is easily removed and replaced and should cost less than $40. If you or a friend want to replace it yourself just unplug the old one and put in a new one.
Then disconnect the battery briefly to erase the old codes and see if/when the check engine light comes back. If so, then turn the ignition key: "on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less then watch the odometer window of the speedometer to see if the mileage reading is replaced by a fault code number; see whether that is the 0113 or the 0302.
If replacing the sensor doesn't stop the code then a simple check of the three wires connected to it should resolve that problem. I would then see if the 0302 code also disappears because the inlet sensor affects the operation of the engine fuel system which may have caused the 0302 code. If not, and the 0302 code persists then I would get a recommendation for a competent independent repair shop where by doing a few tests they should be able to diagnose and in most of the likely causes do a modest-costing repair for the "miss" on cylinder 2.
Stay away from Midas. Let me know of your progress.

PS: I can send you a drawing which shows the location of that sensor and then if you simply buy the sensor part itself you or a friend can replace the old one. Just tell me your engine size (L), and then tell me your email address (but don't use the @ symbol instead use "at") I can email you the drawing.

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QUESTION: Thank you that would be great thank you again

ANSWER: Will do, but look at the engine and notice the size (a number followed by an "L"). Tell me what the number is.

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QUESTION: If I can't get to the mechanic for like a week to fix it can I drive with out distorting the car?

Hi Kay,
The engine controller simply assumes the temp to be somewhere in the middle of the possibilities and so the engine will still operate and likely not harm itself before you get it replaced, though not at its optimal way. The 'miss' on one cylinder will similarly not cause any damage for a week or more of driving but the power will not be perfect in the meantime. So it is alright to drive it until you can get it serviced.
Obviously, if more cylinders begin to miss you would want to get it serviced at that point because it won't get you around at some point for lack of power.
But I would replace the air temp sensor before authorizing an extensive search for the cause of the miss, because the sensor as it stands now may be contributing to the miss and might self-correct after the sensor is replaced. That would be appropriate if you haven't noticed the miss so far. But if it is obvious to you, then I suspect replacing the sensor will not self-correct that problem.
It is really a simple job to replace the sensor. So if you don't have a friend who is handy, you shouldn't have to pay more than a half-hour for labor. And you can check out the cost of the part at an auto parts store to be sure you are not being overcharged for the part in any significant way.
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