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Chrysler Repair/2004 chrysler Sebring gtc - no crank


QUESTION: It's me again.

ok so I probed the sockets on the starter relay and only had power from point 30..... am I not suppose to be having power from two of these sockets when the car is in the ON position?

I did the bypass from 30 to 87 which immediately powered up the starter.  However, of note was the fact that this happened despite the key was not even in the the car was off.  As soon as I connected the bypass, the starter pwered up....   does that make any sense?

oh by the way, confirmed that there is 12 volts at point 30 of the relay socket.

ANSWER: Hi Darren,
Based upon your test:
The brown wire from the relay socket to the starter motor is fine.
You tell me that the starter relay clicks when you try the key, and it is supposed to do exactly what you did with the jump wire (i.e. connect 87 to 30 when it clicks).
So if the relay does click but the starter doesn't crank, then there is something wrong with your starter relay. So try a different relay with the same part number in the starter relay socket if that is the case.
If the relay doesn't click, then you have an issue with why. So if that is now the case, then check for voltage on the in-board pin of the three pins in the front row of the relay socket to see if it shows 12v when you try the "start" position using the key. That in-board pin  should show 12v if the ignition switch is working properly when you try to start.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: So the vehicle should start the starter despite no key in the ignition.... ie... the car is off?  (when by-passing the starter relay)

I've tried three different relays all with the same part number... always same result.  (they all click when turning over the ignition from on - to the crank position.)

There is no voltage to pin 85, 86, or 87a on the relay socket, when in the run position.

ANSWER: There is only going to be 12V voltage on the in-board pin (85?) when you turn the key to START position, if the ignition switch is working. So try that.
Are you certain that the stater relay is clicking???? Put your hand on it and be sure it is really clicking as the ETAX and fuel pump relays also click and you may be mistaken about the starter relay actually clicking.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: no power to socket 85... there is however power shown to socket 87a when in the start position.

yes the relay is good and clicking....

so when doing the bypass the car is to turn over despite no key in the ignition?

will not crank unless bypass is done.

I don't understand why IF the relay clicks, and you have power on pin 30 and the relay is internally good, and you can get the starter to work by jumping from 30 to 87, then the starter should work properly.
Have you tried using the fuel pump relay or the transmission relay in the starter motor relay's socket? Remove all three relays and just put the relay that was in the fuel pump socket in the starter relay socket and see if the starter will crank. and if not does that sole relay click??

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