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Chrysler Repair/erg transducer vacuum line: 2.5L V-6


QUESTION: 1998 chrysler cirrus lxi;2.5 liter;6-cyl;4-door sedan;
the original factory vacuum line(plastic) to the erg transducer in the front of the engine has completely worn out and desintegrated(sic) and i cannot find where the line goes to in the rear of the engine so i can replace the vacuum line with generic line. is there an online picture of the engine showing the location(i am not handy with general diagrams!!LOL)

ANSWER: Hi Richard,
I found a vacuum hose diagram for that engine in the '96 manual and it is shown as connecting to a nipple on the power brake vacuum canister (which is under vacuum via a separate hose from the intake manifold). So look there for the nipple or the loose disintegrated hose.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: the vacuum line for the erg transducer for the '98 model must run directly to the intake manifold(a dreaded situation!!) because i cannot find a nipple or any remainder of the hose at the power brake canister. it is so tight at the back of this engine that these old fat hands cannot reach the manifold directly!! any suggestions(or an internet site that might have a picture of the '98 setup) that might help? thanks very much!

ANSWER: Hi Richard,
Is there a vacuum hose routing diagram attached to the underside of the hood? Those were required for many years but I am not certain whether it was in '98. Unfortunately, the '98 manual doesn't show it but maybe it is there. Check again at the power brake canister as there appears to be three nipples on it or on an adjacent vacuum distribution box where one of those hoses is for the cruise control, one probably from the manifold, and so one nipple maybe be for the egr transducer.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: i found the skeletal diagram on the metal latch-plate in front of the engine and it shows the vacuum line for power brake can separate from the erg transducer vacuum line, and both originate down at the manifold where i can't reach it without taking off many parts, so i am going to splice into the power brake vacuum line on top of the engine and live with a vacuum leak!!!LOLOLOL hope it works!! thanks so much for your help and i gave you a '10' and a rec. for the 'serviceman of the month'!!!

Hi Richard,
Thanks for that information and for the rating and nomination. I do wonder whether there will be sufficient vacuum overall if there is still a leak somewhere into the intake manifold vacuum source. I would think that a continuing leak might affect the mixture. But good luck.

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