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QUESTION: Mr. Finston, I have a crank but no start condition on 99 Concorde 2.7L. 98K mis., all stock, no recent work, was running perfectly when parked. It's been soaking in 15 degree weather  for a couple of weeks.

I have recharged the battery, scanned for codes (none present, tried starter fluid, simple relay swaps on ASR and Fuel pump, nothing invasive as it is too cold right now.

When cranked, it sounds like it wants to run, because I'll get a couple of pops every now and then but it just won't catch. Should I suspect the CPS even without codes? It is supposed to warm above freezing this week, and I decided to wait and see what the temp elevation might yield.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

ANSWER: Hi Bill,
Without a code for it I would not change the cps. The low temperatures are clearly part of the cause. My suspicion would be the fuel/air mixture is too lean to sustain an idle. The most likely cause would be that the egr valve is stuck slightly ajar which then leans the mixture.
The egr valve in mounted on the right intake manifold. It is about a 10-step procedure to remove it so I wouldn't get into that. I am not sure whether the stem of the valve might be accessible an was the case with the previous design. You could look closely to see whether the rod might be there with a slot in it that allow you to move it back and forth with the tip of a screwdriver and then if so spray some WD-40 on stem where is enters the valve body. That worked on the earlier design to free up the action.
If not, then you might try warming up the valve with a heated blower in the hope that will loosen the action.
Let me know how things go.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Mr. Finston,

Thanks so much for your assistance. The thaw arrived this weekend and I took your advice. Sprayed the EGR with WD40 and used a small screw driver to actuate the valve. I could feel the spring snapping back.

The car started and after all the smoke and stuttering cleared, it ran perfectly again. I drove it about 30 mins and the check engine light illuminated. It threw the PO172 and PO175 codes.

The exhaust does smell a little rich but it idles smoothly and has plenty of power. I guess I'll go ahead and order the Mopar EGR valve with the new tubes, gaskets etc., and see if things will settle down. If you have any other suggestions while I am at it, I'll give it a shot.

Thanks again for the "experienced counsel",


Hi Bill,
The 0172 and 0175 codes are about the upstream oxygen sensor mounted on the exhaust manifolds detecting a too rich condition in the exhaust gas. I don't think it has anything to do with the egr so I would hesitate before changing anything on that recirculation system.
I suggest that you disconnect the battery briefly to erase the code and then see if it comes back again. Those codes (for both banks of cylinders) can have many possible causes:
restricted fuel supply line, clogged fuel pump inlet strainer, the fuel pump itself or the operation of the fuel system, the oxygen sensors (but I would question why both would fail),
the fuel evaporation recovery system could be at fault, the throttle position sensor, the manifold absolute pressure sensor, the engine coolant temp sensor, or an engine mechanical problem.
There are 18 different tests (steps) that you might ultimately have to go through to figure it out. So give it some more running time before doing anything yet. I can copy 5 pages from the manual that take you through the steps if it doesn't resolve itself, and send you an email.

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