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Chrysler Repair/'92 Lebaron 3.0L No spark


Hi RolandI did start over and this time I got went blank then 1 flash pause 2 flash pause 5 flash 5 flash this is what we last talked about

QUESTION: It went off then blinked 3 times stopped then 4times short stop then went to 13 times total and stopped

Hi Byrne,
The 34 code (3 flashes/pause/4 flashes) is saying there is a wiring problem related to the cruise control system.
The 13 subsequent flashes without a pause are too many. Look again. May be there are 2 flashes, pause, 1 flash, pause, and then 5 flashes, pause, 5 flashes, which total to 13 flashes. Let me know if that is what you see. If that is the case that means the heated oxygen sensor on the exhaust manifold is not working.
Tell me more about what the history of this situation is.

ANSWER: Hi Byrne,

The  code 12 means simply that the battery was disconnected some time in the past 50-100 attempts to start the engine. So that is not important. The 55 code means "end of code readout", so we now know there is no fault code that the engine control computer has noticed.

So we are back to the problem of what is wrong and why are you trying to remove about the ignition control module?

What do you mean by the 'control module' and why are you trying to accomplish by its removal?


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Because I have no spark I changed the coil went to the cap and got no spark coming out so I figure that the electronic sending unit was bad looked around the firewall fenders no where to be found was on a Le Baron Club page and someone there had the same problem and said that it was a ignition control module and it is on the underside of the cap & rotor that I needed to take the distributor out it would be under it. I went to the auto supply saw what it was and it is what he was talking about so I mark the rotor which was half way between the block and firewall tried to lift it out but to no luck there is an oval slot where the hold down nut is so it move free between the oval but will not come out to get the ignition control module  out  you said to keep it facing the intake manifold is that the release to remove it ? and if there is some thing else you may think it is feel free to let me know if you which you can contact direct thru email just let me know what is best Thanks for all the help

ANSWER: Hi Byrne,
I believe you were given poor advice. The fault code readout so far does not point toward there being a problem in the distributor, or you would have had either a code 11 or a code 54.
Absent either of those I would wonder if a mini-fuse in the front in-board corner of the power distribution center is blown. It is 20 amp and is called mini-fuse 42 because one of the pins of its socket is #42 in that box. Do you hear the fuel pump run just for a second or so when you first turn the key to the run position? If not that too would point toward that fuse.
So take a look at that possibility.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The fuel pump does come on and I can smell it when I did the test with the on and off it kicked in all the time I check the Ign fuse and the blk sq one I switch it out with the other of the same type that work the lamps it wasn't that

Then I would check the rotor for continuity between the tip and spring button. If that is OK, then I would check the ignition coil primary winding to verify that is 0.97 to 1.18 ohms, and the secondary winding to be between 11,000 and 15,000 ohms. Also pull the plug from the spark coil and verify that you are getting 12 volts when cranking over the engine on the dark green/orange wire's post of the plug, which it the longer socket.

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