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Chrysler Repair/'04 Sebring 2.4L sedan: No Crank No Start


QUESTION: 04 Chrysler Sebring 2.4 DOHC our son bought 9 months ago.  The car was running fine but smelled gas in antifreeze reservoir and oil leak on back side of block. Changed head gasket two weeks ago started up but running rough, injector 2 connector had no power then lost power to start and lost power to ignition coil.  Replaced batter jumped ASD to see if that was causing no crank after ruling everything else out.  car started briefly then died.  Took battery in and tested bad got new battery. Put new crank and cam sensors, took marks all the way down to crank and triple checked timing. Put different harness in and had to splice some of the connectors, both 02 sensors and the started wires had to be redone.

With the key off ASD
87 -- 0.5
86 -- 12.2
30 -- 12.2
85 -- nr

the results are the same if I turn the key to run position.
if I pull the 30 amp pcm/asd fuse then i get good ground tone at 87 but no voltage at 86 or 30.

With the fuse back in if I disconnect the first harness clip from the pcm i get:

87 -- 0.0 good ground
86 -- 12.1
30 -- 12.1
85 -- nr

Can you help me to determine if my pcm is bad, we went and picked up another pcm from the junk yard and the results are similar but different with it.

ANSWER: Hi Alice,
First I need to know is this a 4-door sedan/convertible or a 2-door coupe, and does 4s mean a four speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic transmission? Second, when a helper uses the key to activate the starter motor do you hear a soft click from the starter relay in the power box, and do you hear a loud click from the starter solenoid at the motor, or do you hear nothing?
The ASD relay has nothing to do with the starting system so let us set that aside until we get the starter to fire the cranking.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

It is a 4 door sedan with a 4-speed automatic transmission.  When the key is turned all the way over the starter relay clicks but there is no loud click from the starter solenoid.

ANSWER: Hi Alice,
It is good to know that the relay clicks as that indicates at least that the starter relay function of the pcm is good in that it recognizes whether you are in P or N.
The reasons for no solenoid click could be the points in that relay are oxidized (so try switching it with another relay in the power box that has the same part number) or the brown wire that runs from pin 10 of the relay's socket (the middle pin) is not connecting to the solenoid switch at the starter, or the solenoid switch is defective. So check the brown wire continuity, and then try jumping 12v to the brown wire at the solenoid to test that solenoid switch function.
Then we can go forward with the balance of the problem.
By the way, the ASD only closes when the engine is being cranked and there are well-functioning cam and crank sensors. It should normally close for about a second or so when you turn the key to run (and you would hear the fuel pump run similarly for about a second). Then when you start cranking over via the starter motor the ASD will close again and remain closed as long as you are cranking it and also when the engine starts it will remain closed.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I changed the relay, no difference.  No continuity on the brown wire, no ground at pin 10.  Jumped 12v to the connector for the brown wire at the solenoid and got the loud click.

It appears to me that if you got no continuity between the middle pin of the relay socket and the solenoid that the brown wire is disconnected somewhere between those two points. To be sure, try jumping 12v to the middle pin of the starter relay socket which is pin 10 as that is where the brown wire is attached. If you get nothing, then that brown wire is damaged or
disconnected at one end or the other.
When you did the direct jump to the solenoid and it clicked loudly did the starter motor crank?

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