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Chrysler Repair/'98 Sebring conv.: all windows stopped working


QUESTION: None of my windows roll down. I've checked fuses and even ohmed out the drivers side window switch. What could it be

ANSWER: Hi Amanda,
The power for the windows is provided via a circuit breaker located in the #19 slot of the fuse box behind the left end cap of the dash. If it is good it should show 12v (when the key is in the "run" position) on both pins of the breaker.  Pull it out a bit from its socket (but not so far as to disconnect the pins from the socket) to allow your voltmeter probe to contact each pin of the breaker while it is still plugged in.
Measure for voltage between each pin and a nearby ground (any shiny metal chassis surface nearby). If only one pin shows 12v then the breaker is not working or there could be short to ground at the "cold" pin of the socket. So check that cold pin socket to not be shown as 0 ohms to ground.
Sorry for the delay but I just found your question in the "pool" to which it had been referred by Kevin.

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QUESTION: if one side of that circuit breaker is shot to the ground what could be the problem

If it shows a short to ground when you are not trying a window switch at all, then I would suspect that the tan/violet wire that runs from the breaker through the door hinge post and into the driver door is shorted to ground, probably at the door hinge. There is a 12-wire disconnect at the hinge that is blue in color so check that tan/violet wire on pin 10 of the disconnect after opening up the disconnect to see if the short is before the disconnect or after the disconnect (on the door side). If that wire isn't shorted along that pathway then possibly the wire is shorted inside the door at the window timer module or the master switch.
By the way there is an identical wire on the passenger side door post (tan/white on pin 10) so that could be the location of the short instead if you don't find it on the driver side.
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