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QUESTION: Mr. Roland,          I've got a 2001 Dodge Intrepid , a few days ago i had a situation with another driver. highway switched from 2 lanes to 1. She was behind me,like most uncourtious drivers where i live.She could'nt flow with traffic & get behind me, she wanted the front. Sorry i did'nt let that happen. Upon coming into one lane, she had two choices (to get off the Gas & do what she should have done & fall behind me, but she decided to try me. At this point she had two choices Hit My Car, was'nt gonna let that happen or hit a Concrete retainer wall. So i had to (adjust my Position)I'm a very confident driver, so i just steered to the left a little bit & blew on past her little four cylinder Rice Burner.A couple Hundred feet up the road, i had to Stop at Redlight. ( Upon applying the brake's my car Started Shaking Fiercely the hole car.I had to go to Dr. yesterday, when i started the trip, i drove 3 or four miles before any trouble's(when i hit a Little Ripple in the Road it started again)when i slowed down it stopped . I had to get too the Doctor, so i got Up On Expressway, drove it about 12 mile's no Problem, drove like silk as usual.Until i got to side roads hit bump started shaking, Drove back home 12 miles again ,No Problem's even going around two Exchange Loop's with bumpy Road Patches.When i got to Side Street's again, drove no shake's until i hit Just The Right Spot( Whole Car Shaking again). I've been working on cars for about 30 years. I've never experienced anything like This . I did'nt Hit Anything & like i said i did'nt Jerk The Car when incident  occured. But when this happen's (The Whole car Shake's ) It  feels like all of a sudden i Get Lumps in my Tire's or Seriously Bent Rim's. The Whole Car Shake's. Please give me a Suggestion, i've never experienced something that i was'nt sure where to start. Mr. Roland my Mom's 77 yrs. old ,busted her leg a few weeks ago I need this Car too Get Back & To, ta See Her. Thank You, johnny

ANSWER: Hi Johnny,
Try to find a fault code by using the ignition switch: "on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. Then watch the odometer to see if the mileage reading is replaced by a 4-digit number preceded by a P. Let me know if so.
If the shaking seems to begin either when you let off the gas to decelerate or when you try to accelerate then it may be by chance that your exhaust gas recirculation valve is gummed up and needs to be lubricated around the valve stem or internally cleaned out from such exhaust "gum".
That valve has to close tightly when either accelerating/decelerating or the mixture gets too lean to sustain the engine operation.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Mr. Roland > my problem has nothing too do with Fuel or acceleration. I told you i drove about 30 miles yesterday . 25 on expressway 70MPH. Car ran like a Top as Usual (Thank God ) so far !I told U that at certain time's if my Steering Pattern get's a Little Bit away from Completely Straight (If i turn the Wheel or hit Ripple's in Road. The Whole Car feel's like it's ( Wobbiling ) Not Skipping or Missing. This Is A Freak'n Wobbling Feeling in Back Of Car. No Shaking or Shimmiing in Steering Wheel.The cars still Tight, drives like a Go Cart It feels like my bicycle felt when it had Seriously Bent Rim (Wobbled) you ever experienced that feeling. If so ,you would know what i'm talkin about.

OK, I thought the engine might have been what was shaking. You have an independent rear wheel suspension there with many parts and possibilities for cause of shaking. There is no specific set of behaviors listed in the manual as to what might be the cause. The rear suspension is described on about 20 pages of the manual as to how to inspect/repair it. I would suggest that you go to an alignment shop and ask them to examine the suspension to see what might be causing this. I can share the pages about what they find to be wrong if they need them, by copying them and sending them to you be an email. Other than having a good shop look at the suspension I am unable to give you the answer you need.
You might want to check the wheel nuts to be sure they are all tight (100 foot-pounds torque).

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