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I have a 1988 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible with some electrical issues that I am seeking help with.  I have all the manuals from Chrysler but don’t really understand them.

1) my intermittent windshield wipers won’t go on intermittent unless they are run for some 30 minutes and car is heated up.  Also they will not go back to off position until warmed up but they will stop anywhere in their travel and I have to turn the wiper button on and off manually when it is close to the off position.

2) While the ignition switch is turned on or car running, my traveller information center, the cigar lighter and radio memory do not work (the radio works but if you set favourite channels they will be lost when ignition is turned off).  When the ignition switch is first turned on the traveller information center comes on for about fifteen seconds, this also happens when the key is on and the passenger door is open and you depress the interior light button, that the door normally does when shut to turn off the interior lights.

Both of these problems sound like faulty ground connections to me but when looking at the manual it says that the ground for #1 problem is the Panel Ground (“Instrument panel Right Support”).  Where is that located?
# 2 problem might be “right side cowl”, Where is that located?

Thank you for any help you maybe able to provide

Hi Ross,
This could either be a ground(s) or a fuse (#7 "ignition off draw") or both.
The intermittent wipers show there to be two grounds on the left and right instrument panel supports. Those supports are vertical body structural "bars" which are hidden behind the instrument panel on either side of the center line of the car.
I believe the best way to get to those bar grounds would be to remove the center console (after removing the several panels mounted therein) and notice where the ground wires from those panel's plugs are routed because they are grounded as well to those support bars. Look at 8E section to learn how to remove them and the console.
But the wiper delay issues might also be due to the wiper control or the wiper motor. If you look in the wiper section 8k of the "electrical/fuel/emission" manual you will see several pages for diagnosis of those specific parts.
As to the traveler/cigar/radio memory malfunction that could be due to an intermittent loss of fuse #7 which would cause the presets for the radio/cigar lighter/traveler to misbehave as well. However they also are grounded on the instrument panel supports except I notice the cigar lighter is instead grounded on the right cowl. That is a multi-wire ground point located at the lower front corner of the door opening (probably hidden by the "kick" panel carpeting).
I hope this is helpful to you.

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