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Chrysler Repair/'95 Concorde: AC ceases to cool


QUESTION: I have already asked a question about my 1995 Chrysler Concorde. But I have another question. I got a body module for my car. I am still having problems with my air being on and then all of a sudden my heat comes on. Can you tell me how to fix this situation. Thanks

ANSWER: Hi Lolita,
There are two possible reasons:
The AC system may be low on refrigerant so that the cooling function itself cuts off. That would be noticeable by the fact that the AC compressor would stop operating (you would notice the sound that it makes ceasing, or you can open the hood and look/listen at the compressor to learn if it is running or not).
The door in the HVAC unit under the dash that sends the air either over the AC cooling coils has moved to the position where it doesn't do that and instead sends the air over the heater coils. That could be an issue with the "actuator" that moves the door not working properly.
There is a self-diagnostic check that can be done but I need to know if you have the conventional control panel or the panel that has a digital readout of the temperature that you are requesting (Automatic temp control panel).
So first see/listen for whether the compressor is still working or not when you loose the cool air, and let me know and if the compressor does stay running but you lose the cooling then tell me which type of control panel that you have.

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QUESTION: Hello Mr Roland,
         I have a digital panel. Everything on my car is electrical. Can I buy a actuator for my car at a Parts store? Can I fix this myself?

         thanks, Lolita

ANSWER: Hi Lolita,
What did you observe as to whether the AC compressor which is located at the front of the engine on the passenger side is making a sound or not when a helper requests AC to operate? The compressor is operated by a belt, and when the helper requests AC the belt pulley should connect to the compressor and make a noticeable sound. If so does it continue to run, but you are not getting cold air? If no sound is heard from the compressor that means most likely that the system is low on refrigerant so the pulley won't connect to the compressor.
You can buy a refilling kit and can of refrigerant at a parts store and follow the instructions for that, ideally with the help of a friend. Adding the refrigerant will then cause the compressor to connect to the pulley and operate the system properly. You can also go to an auto AC repair shop and have them do this but it will cost you for the labor and materials.
If the compressor is running but you are not getting cold air, then you can do a self-diagnostic test of the air distribution box under the dash to find out what is wrong inside of it. I will tell you how to do that if that is indeed the problem. Most of the possible repairs you can do yourself.
So let me know what you find about the compressor.

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QUESTION: Yes the compressor is going on and off..So maybe it is a problem behind the panel. U can't get it to turn off sometimes either. Please help burning up driving.

Hi Lolita,
Since the compressor appears to be working...
(I want to be sure that it isn't just going 'on' for a few seconds and then 'off', but rather that it keeps running for at least a minute before going off. Is that correct? Or it cycling on/off rapidly?)
then the next thing to do is find out what is wrong inside the control unit using the self-diagnostic capability that it has.
With the engine running but the car at rest, simultaneously push and hold in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th buttons on the top row of buttons on the control panel and notice that the control panel starts to blink. Then release the buttons and wait. While the unit is self-diagnosing the lights will continue to blink. Then finally the blinking will stop and a two-digit number will appear. Tell me that number. If there is no fault the number will be whatever temperature you had it set for before the test.
If you do get a code number then also go ahead and press and release the 1st button on the bottom row to see if a second number appears. Tell me any and all numbers that appear.
That should give us a clue as to what is causing the problem.

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