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Chrysler Repair/fog light/blinker issue: '07 Pacifica


The fog lights on my 2007 Chrysler Pacifica touring only come on when I turn my right blinker on.  I'm at a loss as to why this happens.

Hi John,
Hi John,
The lighting is mediated by the body control module which then tells the power module to turn on the fog lamps when requested. When they come "on" do they blink or are they steady? If steady:
I would suggest that you check the connection at the left side multi-function switch on the steering column. If you remove the shrouds on the steering column just in front of the steering wheel that give you access to the plug on that switch on the rear side. Unfortunately, my '06 manual has a discrepancy as to which pins on that switch would be connected together when you request the fog lamps. The wiring diagram suggest that you would show continuity between pins 8 and 12 of the switch when you request fog, while the text section about the switch suggests continuity between pins 1 and 4 when you request fog. Otherwise it should be 'open' when fog is not requested. The pin numbers would be shown on the plug of the switch which has 12 pins so that will show you where on the switch itself to make the continuity measurements. The readings would be 0 ohms when fog is requested and infinite ohms when not requested. The turn signal wiring of the switch is quite different and I can't see how that right turn being requested would be activating the fogs. So I think it may be a poor connection in side the switch for the fog light request not being 0 ohms but something more that that but not infinite. If that is the case you might try spraying some electronic contact cleaner inside the switch through any crack or opening.
If the fog lamps blink on and off in synchrony with the right turn, then possibly the wiring from the power module in the engine compartment that goes to the fogs and the right turn bulb filament are shorted together and instead of the fog lamps wire going to the fog lamps proper.
But the fog lamp bulbs are wired separately so I doubt this is likely.
Let me know what you learn.

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