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Chrysler Repair/'00 Sebring 2.5L: rough idle with no codes


I tried to respond to your last help but was unable to. This in on my Sebring with oil light going on, car stalling etc... Update: got car to a diagnostic place and no codes came up? Could it be a crank shaft sensor even though no codes? I really do appreciate all your help. Place I took it says with no codes can't help.

Hi Bryan,
All you have told me is that you are 'running rough' and at low rpm the oil light comes on.
I believe the oil light issue is resolved so long as it goes out when the rpm is above about 1200 rpm.
So if the running rough is either when you start the engine or when you slow down and come to a stop, and you have no fault codes, then I believe that you have an issue with the fuel/air mixture being too lean. I don't think this has to do with an ignition sensor related to either the crank or the cam shaft as those would usually cause a code if faulty.
The most likely cause of rough running as described above is that the exhaust gas recirculation valve is gummed up and thus not closing to a dead stop which it has to do at idle and also when you try to accelerate.
So you need to find the egr valve and try to lubricate and free-up its action so that it will then close on its own accord due to the internal spring-action. It is located at the rear of the engine. The best way to find it is to notice that just below the oil filler cap there is an object with a round top and a rubber hose attached to that which goes to the egr valve itself.
The object is called the egr solenoid, and so you follow that hose to get to the egr valve. The valve is very near the thermostat housing as well. The other end of the rubber hose attaches to its round top as well, and the valve is mounted sideways as you find it
Notice that the body of the valve is also attached to a small diameter exhaust pipe. Between the body of the valve and its round top you will see a flange which hides a rod, so look closed at that area to find the rod. It has a circumferential slot. That rod is the egr valve stem and that is what is likely gummed up where it enters the body of the valve. So take a spray solvent can (such as WD-40) and spray the stem where it enters the body of the valve.
Then use the tip of a screwdriver inserted in the slot of the stem to move the stem back and forth in order to free-up the valve 'action' so that the spring closes it to a dead stop.
Then start the engine to see if it idles normally.
That is the most likely reason for rough idle with no 'codes'.

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