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QUESTION: Good morning Roland, its Carl again with some more info.....while I'm waiting for my help to arrive this morning I went and checked over all the fuses again and checked that they were getting voltage through them....neither the PTC1 fuse or the no 2 (illuminated gauges) fuses have any voltage when the key is turned on. Fuses look fine tho. Other fuses, radio etc., and all of the fuses in the power box are all showing voltage.

ANSWER: Let me check the wiring diagram and get right back.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: okay.....another thought crossed my mind and it may be stupid but I'll ask none the less...could my "bypassing" the amps of the factory speakers (it had an infinity stereo system installed) and using the existing wiring to wire in my new speakers somehow have anything to do with this? Could it be sending a bad signal to the computer?

ANSWER: I am not clear what
bypassing the amps
but if the speaker wires are all that are involved I doubt that has any effect on the computer.
The only connection I see to the radio substitution and your several current problems is that fuse 2 which you say shows no voltage when the key is off/run/start gets its power from the ignition switch. The power to that section of the ignition switch gets there on a pink wire from fuse 28. That same pink wire also powered the memory of the old radio on pin 7 of the gray plug at the radio. What is that wire now doing? It should show 12v at all times coming from fuse 28.
If not, then that would explain why fuse 2 also is "dead".

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: well...on the infinity system each speaker has its own amp attached to it instead of having one central amp...when I hooked up the new speakers I just used the main speaker wires and bypassed the amps by just unplugging them (they are attached to the old speakers)

the pink wire is my constant 12 volt to the new stereo and its getting power fine.

still working on getting you the info on the ignition switch...have it all tore apart and just have to check it pulled away for a bit on another errand...thanks again!

Since that pink wire for the radio is still powered up, then fuse 2 should also be, unless either that particular section of the ignition switch also powered by the pink wire has gone bad or the diode between the switch and fuse 2 is 'open'.
The pink wire on pin 1 of the 2-wire black plug at the ignition switch should show 12v and when the switch is off/run/start then 12v on pin 2 of the same plug. The dark blue/red wire from there goes to pin 15 of the black plug at the junction block and in fact that wire is called the 'feed' for the prndl so getting fuse 2 working again will apparently solve the prndl and odometer issue and probably some more than that!
In fact it also powers the TCM, specifically the device that reports what gear you have selected! So it could be that it not being powered is what is preventing the starter from working too, if the PCM is not getting 'word' that you are in P or N.

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