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QUESTION: Answer:   Since that pink wire for the radio is still powered up, then fuse 2 should also be, unless either that particular section of the ignition switch also powered by the pink wire has gone bad or the diode between the switch and fuse 2 is 'open'.
The pink wire on pin 1 of the 2-wire black plug at the ignition switch should show 12v and when the switch is off/run/start then 12v on pin 2 of the same plug. The dark blue/red wire from there goes to pin 15 of the black plug at the junction block and in fact that wire is called the 'feed' for the prndl so getting fuse 2 working again will apparently solve the prndl and odometer issue and probably some more than that!
In fact it also powers the TCM, specifically the device that reports what gear you have selected! So it could be that it not being powered is what is preventing the starter from working too, if the PCM is not getting 'word' that you are in P or N.

Hello again Roland :)
okay I have the ignition switch exposed and heres what I have...the wires seem to be different that what your telling me so this is what I'm looking at.
There are the three connectors: black, grey and green on the left side of the steering column and one thats blue (on the right side of steering column)

wires on the BLACK connector are: (2 wires) pink and green/red stripe

GREY connector are: (7 wires) black, grey/black stripe, red, black/white stripe, pink/black stripe, black/orange stripe, blue and yellow

GREEN connector are: (2 wires) light blue and black

the blue connector on the right side (of steering column) has two wires going to it and they are: pink/light blue stripe and black.

Any help is always appreciated! Thanks again!

ANSWER: The plug wires you listed agree with what I show in the wiring diagrams. Is there something in error about what I told you about those wires/plugs? Focus on the black plug. If I said dark blue/red I meant dark green/red for that prndl wire.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello again Roland! okay...I have 12v on the pink wire in the off/run/start and 12v on the green/w red stripe when its on the run/start (no voltage when off) but still no power at all at the number 2 fuse...Thanks again for all of your help! HOPEFULLY we're getting this narrowed down!

ANSWER: Hi Carl,
Good progress. We know that the ignition switch section is getting 12v. It apparently however is not working properly in the "off" position because the diagrams do show it should show 12v then as well as in run and start. So if that is indeed the case you would want to try spraying some electronic contact cleaner in the switch to see if you can correct the "open" situation in the Off position.
Now as it stands, in the run and start position you should see 12v at fuse #2 under the dash so if not then there is apparently a diode in the box which has failed because that is what connects the dark green/red wire to the fuse 2. But it could be that there is a problem with the dark green/red wire not getting to the junction box. It  arrives on pin 15 of the black plug on the back side of the junction box. So verify whether or not that you see 12v at pin 15 when in the run and start positions. If not then that wire is disconnected. If so, then the diode connected internally between pin 15 and fuse 2 is blown and needs to be replaced.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I'm not quite understanding what I have to do to gain access to the "backside" of the junction I need to go ahead and take the 3 bolts that hold it in place out to gain this access? I just dont want to do anything that might make matters worse.

If you remove the lower steering column cover and knee blocker reinforcement (which you may have already done to reach the ignition switch?) then from what I can see the four 40-way plug connectors should be accessible on the same side of the junction box as the fuses (I in error said the plugs were on the 'back side'of the box). Three plugs are gray, one is black. So check that out. Find pin 15 on the black plug and note the wire is the dark green/red that comes from the ignition switch. See if you are getting 12v or not on that wire when the ignition is in off/run/start by probing through the insulation with a pin or touching the metal where the wire enters the pin socket. The pins are numbered on the plug.
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