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Chrysler Repair/digital time vs station display on radio


I can push the time button and get a digital display of the time but the display always goes back to the number for the radio station.  How can I get the time to stay on the display?  Thanks,

Hi Carolyn,
That issue is no doubt internal to the radio and so I would suggest you look at the owners manual for the car and find the section about the radio operation. It may tell you there. It is not likely that anything other than a repair/service of the radio will correct this. The vehicle itself is not involved. I don't have any radio repair manuals.
If it worked differently in the past, then about all I can suggest is that you buy a spray can of electrical contact cleaner from an electronics store and spray a small burst of fluid in the area that surrounds the push button(s) that allow for the changing of the display. There may be a poor contact in the switch that the button operates.

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