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Chrysler Repair/Town & Country 2002 3.8 won't start


I few weeks ago I took my van to have a muffler installed. The mechanic noticed the check engine light that has been on for years. Since it was free I accepted his offer to check the code. He confirmed what I suspected that an O2 sensor was bad. Next day on the way to buy a replacement sensor the van developed a sudden miss and loss of power with the check engine light blinking intermittently. Since that time I replaced the O2 sensor as the first step in a long line of attempts to get back to normal. Instead the car has gradually degraded to the point where it will no longer start and I don't think it is even cranking now. I hear the starter engage but I don't hear the engine turning over. Seems like the gauges are erratic and the a/c comes on when attempting to start the engine. At this point I am ready to throw in the towel and call the tow truck. Here is what I have tried to date: replaced plugs checked gap twice (.50), new wires, new coil and had it checked as good, new intake gaskets, replaced a couple of old vacuum hoses, did a vacuum check, did a compression check (180 lbs all cyl), ran Lucas and Seafoam treatments, swapped a fuel injector when I got a P0303 (code went away), other codes have indicated large vacuum leak but later went away, and most recent was P0351, P0352, P0353 but coil checked good. Now I can't get a code because engine will not start. I think I am down to the PCM or crank or cam sensors but this might be outside of my skill level. Will appreciate you thoughts. thank you

the key trick will ge teh codes the engine does not haft to be running.

Key on trick is this  do not start teh van.   key on,off,on,off on  and leave it on  where the miles are  there will be code number  if there are more then one it will scroll thought them until DONE is displayed.    the codes that you have listed are fuel injector codes  like them being unplugged.

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