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This note from December 2010 says it all, that shops are reporting a program with gas tank on these models.  I have a 2004 Dodge minivan with problem, and was nearly killed after refueling and returning to traffic on the Ohio turnpike in 2009.  Why has there not been a recall?
Is there documentation for the notes, below?  I'm writing to "FCA" today, because they are trying to get me to replace the gas tank on my 12 year old car and call it a day.  I'm furious, because the dealership ingored my complaints about this since that 2009 incident.  The van stalls after every refueling.
Thank you!

Vin-J wrote at 2010-01-12 16:30:30
Engine stalls several times right after filling tank with gas, Chrysler Minivan

Shops are reporting a problem with the gas tank on Dodge Caravan, Grand Caravan, Plymouth Voyager, and Town and Country vans. Shortly after refueling, drivers experience engine stalling. The stalling may repeat several times.

The problem is the vapor/liquid separator valve located at the top of the fuel tank. The valve is designed to prevent liquid fuel from entering the charcoal canister/emissions system. When the valve fails, liquid gas can enter the line and fill the charcoal canister.

After refueling the PCM on the vehicle detects a change in fuel level. Then, when the engine meets certain temperature and driving criteria, the PCM issues a purge command to the charcoal canister to remove the stored gas vapors. Itís at that point that all the liquid gas in the line gets sucked into the charcoal canister. The PCM expects to see gas vapors entering the intake manifold and it is prepared to adjust air/fuel mixtures to compensate. However, it is not prepared to see liquid gas coming into the intake. Thatís what causes the engine to stall.

Unfortunately, the ONLY fix is to replace the entire gas tank. Chrysler does NOT sell the vapor/liquid valve as a separate unit. Once the tank is replaced and the charcoal canister purged, the problem goes away.

ANSWER: Hi Laurie,
I believe there is a possible change in the Chrysler Corp. position about this problem. Since the beginning of 2016 there have been several reports to me from people with the 2004 and -on minivans to the effect that Chrysler sent then a letter that extended the warranty of the fuel tanks to be 15 years and that replacement will be made without cost. I don't have the exact details as to contacting the Corporation to avail yourself of this improvement but I believe that if you now contact it you may be helped significantly. Please let me know what you find and how it works out.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I have that letter too.  It is from FCA.  It offers to replace the gas tank on my 12-year-old truck. The point of my question is, is the 2012 message above from Vin-J correct, that Chrysler was aware of this problem in 2012 and before?  We've been struggling with this problem for years, taking it to the dealership, and nothing, until this odd letter arrives 12 years later.  It is odd because it isn't a recall.

Hi Laurie,
I suspect that the problem was recognized fairly soon after 2004 but Chrysler did not respond to complaints from owners until recently. I started getting questions about it in 2009. I am unclear also as to why a federally-mandated recall was not made given that so many owners of the '04-'05 models reported this. But, do take advantage of the revised warranty in any case.

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