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Chrysler Repair/PCM and harmonic balancer problem with 2002 Chrysler Town and Country


Hello Scotty,
I am working on a friends 2002 Chrysler Town and Country that is in a local shop. It seems to have a miss when idling and in gear. It starts and drives OK but it seems to lack power.  Sometimes but not always it will miss when she is driving down the road and she says that it will make her head sway front to back a little when it does it.  The shop pulled the plugs and looked at plug wires and they look new, and the plug wires are Mopar brand, the fuel filter was replaced.  The owner told me to talk to the shop and see if I could help diagnose the problem- I found out a common problem with these is the fuel injection wiring harness.  I personally looked at about 1.5 feet of the harness, up to about the point of the coil pack, and all the wires were stuck together but I saw no bare wires.  At first glance you would think the wires may have been formed that way at the factory, they were stuck together much like old thin cheap extension cords are. I separated each one and put the wires back in the velcro covering.  They also pulled the codes on the computer for me and the only one that came up is P0601.

1. Does this code always mean a bad PCM?
2. If I replace the fuel injection wiring harness only, could it make the P0601 code and miss problem go away?
3. When I am in there, would it be a good idea to replace the injectors with remanufactured ones, and replace the camshaft position sensor?
4. If I do have to replace the PCM, what is a good source for one? I found two places in FL that sell remanufactured ones for around $200 (will these work?) , and the dealership will want $1100 including programming.

Another problem I noticed when looking at the van was an occasional rattle on the front of the engine when idling.  Its not real loud but enough to get my attention. I looked closer with a flashlight and noticed about 1/4" of wobble in the harmonic balancer, I think it may be coming from there. I have always dealt with cars that have solid crank pulleys and not harmonic balancers, so the question here is how much wobble can it have if any before it must be replaced?

Thanks much

Hi Jon,
All of the Chrysler powertrain manuals say the solution for the 0601 code is to replace the PCM. You could look over the fuel injector wiring again but there are specific codes for those wires if they were shorting. You could check for codes yourself: disconnect and reconnect the battery to erase the existing 0601 code. Then drive it for a bit.
Then use the ignition key: 'on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. Then watch the odometer window to see the mileage replaced by a fault code and see if that is indeed a '0601. Let me know if otherwise.
I wouldn't replace anything yet until you verify the fresh codes.
I would believe a 'remanufactured pcm" would be alright to try.
Check the bolts on the crankshaft pulley which should be at 40 foot pounds. I don't know of a spec for wobble of the balancer.

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