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Chrysler Repair/'02 T&C: won't shift out of 2nd gear.


QUESTION: I have a 2002 Chrysler Town and Country ex, the transmission won't shift into high gear. I did a transmission flush, that didn't work. I was told it is the TCM. Could it be something else besides the TCM? Or what can it be?

ANSWER: Hi Patrick,
Has the transmission control module been "questioned" for any fault codes? That is done with a fault code reader and would cost about $40 at an independent shop or for free at a nationwide auto parts store such as Autozone. The numbers are 4-digit and preceded by a P. Once you have such a number exactly what is wrong and possible fixes will be known. Let me know what you find. By the way, by High Gear you mean 4th gear, or are you speaking of the lock-up clutch for the torque converter?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It won't go higher that 2ed gear. And the coads are p1624 p0700 p0444 and p0455

Hi Patrick,
The only code related to the transmission is 0700 and that one just means that there is indeed another trans code, but you have to use a plug-in code reader to access it. You got these 4 codes by using the ignition switch on-off approach I assume, and that will not get the specific transmission codes, you have to use a code reader for that. So do that and let me know.
Not shifting out of 2nd is "defensive" and is called "limp-in mode". That also means there is a specific code which you need to get with a plug-in code reader.
The 0444 is not a valid, nor is the 1624 so also check out those again with the ignition key approach. So I'll wait to hear from you again.

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