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Chrysler Repair/No spark - code 54 - '87 LeBaron 2.2L turbo


QUESTION: Hi Roland,

it's Paulina again from the no spark Le Baron Cabrio (

The problem is not solved but I cannot post any more follow-ups there.

I have a correct distributor and Hall effect sensor for my multi-point fuel injected engine.

What else can I check?
I am out of ideas... The car is still not working.

Thank you in advance!

ANSWER: What are the existing fault codes? Then try to get them again but first disconnect the battery to erase the existing fault codes, then try to start the engine several times, then see what the "new" fault codes are. Then tell me them too.
Did you indeed find that there are two plugs for the hall effect sensor?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I got the codes before disconnecting the battery and after that again, nothing has changed: 12, 54, 55

Yes, one is grey and one black.

ANSWER: Hi Paulina,
So you have to solve the problem with the "synch" pickup of the hall effect sensor which is what mates the fuel injector pulsing to the position of the crankshaft, and when that is not working causes the code 54.
The synch pickup is connected to the gray plug at the distributor, and that has 3 wires:
black/light blue which is the sensor ground wire and is attached to pin 25 of the red connector at the logic module,
orange wire which carries 7.5v that operates the sensor and comes from pin 23 of the red connector at the logic module,
tan/yellow wire which carries the pulsing output signal voltage of the sensor and goes to pin 17 of the blue plug at the logic module.
If it was working you would find that with key "on" that when you rotate the engine via the crankshaft pulley bolt that there would a pulsing voltage between 5 and 0.3V measuring between the black/light blue wire and the tan/yellow wire. So verify that you don't have that now.
You can check the voltages by probing through the wire insulation with a fine pin.
Then verify if you have 7.5V on the orange wire or not.
Finally verify that the black/light blue wire is connected to pin 25 of the red plug by showing 0 ohms resistance between the gray plug and pin 25. Similarly check the connection of the tan/yellow signal wire to pin 17 of the blue plug at the logic module.
One of those connections/voltages will not be as it should and that is why you are getting code 54 and the no start situation.
Thanks for the kind remarks and nominations.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi again Roland,

as I am not a native English-speaker, I would like to clarify this one thing before checking it:

„when you rotate the engine via the crankshaft pulley bolt” – do you mean rotating the engine manually, not as usual while cranking?

For now I managed to check the voltage on the orange wire: it was 9V – so not 7,5V as you pointed so even this first thing is not correct. Can we diagnose anything from it already?

As soon as you confirm the question above I will check the rest and let you know what the results are.
I hope we will manage to finally find the problem and get this car going!

Thank you a lot for your help and commitment.
Kind regards,

Hi Paulina,
To test the synch sensor signal output you have to rotate the crankshaft slowly by hand by means of a socket and ratchet/lever. The voltage oscillates so frequently that you won't detect it with a voltmeter if you use the starter motor to rotate the crankshaft.
As to the voltage on the orange wire, it is supposed to be 7.5 on the 86-87 models, and 8.0 on the 88-89 models. The signal reading between the other two wires is supposed to vary between 5 and 0.3V if the synch sensor is working. If that is happening then I would not be concerned that the orange wire has 9V, but if not then that might explain the absence of pulsation.
That voltage is determined by the power module where you should find the orange wire also.
Thanks for the rating/nomination and kind remark.  

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