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Chrysler Repair/P0740 DTC on '02 T&C


QUESTION: Hi Rolland, I have a 2002 Chrysler T&C minivan w/ 3.8L engine. Car has 185K miles on it. A DTC code popped up last Thursday and I had code read at Advance Auto. Since was transmission related I took to local trans shop and they said the torque converter lockup in not working. Said solenoid/switch is fine, and due to age/mileage suggest a total trans rebuild.

Car still shifts smoothly, and the trans fluid & filter have been changed about every 50k. I want to replace the torque converter as an attempt to fix this. I will also change trans fluid and filter, and was considering rebuilding the Shift Solenoid block while the trans is out.

In your opinion what do  you think? I'll be doing the work as I can follow instructions, but no formal training.

I would suggest that you first make sure that there is 12V on the pink/gray wire's pin at the two-pin plug on the side of the torque converter (should be there in the "run" position of the ignition switch). Also verify the continuity of the connection of the other dark blue/white wire to pin 78 of the number 2 plug (gray/gray) at the powertrain control module. The solenoid could be fine but if either of those is "open" then the lock-up won't happen.
Nonetheless you might want to 'weigh' the benefit of the lock-up against the cost/work/possible problems involved with doing this job. The fuel economy/rpm reduction offered by the lock-up may not be sufficient to go ahead. I've had cars without the lock up feature in the past.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Rolland, I confirmed with my trans shop that the TC lock-up solenoid, and it's power and ground were operative. I'm going to dive into replacing the torque converter in the next week or so, any last words of caution for me? The trans shop said I should skip the shift pack rebuild, since it working leave that sleeping dog alone. So I plan to replace the TC, trans case seal where TC fits, and of course the fluid and filter.


Hi Tim,
Do you have page from the service manual that describes the removal and installation process?
If not, let me know you email address and I can copy it and attach to an email I would send to you directly. Don't use the @ symbol but instead use "at" or the address will be erased automatically.
A different manual also talks of replacing the 'Pump Bushing' (might that be the oil pump seal?) You might want to do that as it appears to be located behind the TC.

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