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QUESTION: I have a 2002 Chrysler Voyager mini-van with a 2.4 L engine.  The problem is the door ajar light stays illuminated on the dash.  I read one of your previous answers, telling someone to realign the hook on the door frame. I tried that. I noticed on the passenger side sliding door that the hook was shimmed where the others were not.  I shimmed the other doors, but the light stays on.  I have used WD-40 on all locks, to no avail.  These are manual sliding doors.  The original problem (I thought) was on the driving side sliding door where I had to replace the plastic male piece on the door and the female plastic piece on the door frame.  After all this, I still have the problem.  Any other ideas for this issue.  Thank you for your help.

ANSWER: Hi John,
The door ajar warning light tells you about both the sliding doors and the front doors, so there are four possible causes. If you have no certainty as to which is the cause, then first thing to do would be to go to the body control module under the dash, find the number three 26-pin plug on it (black outside/white inside) and use a volt-ohm meter on the four wires that come from the door ajar switches and find which one is reading differently from the other three wires. The wires are located on pins 5,6,7,and 8 (the pin numbers are shown on the plug).
When you find which pin is either showing voltage/short to ground different from the other three pins let me know which pin it is.
The body control module is under the dash, next to the outer panel covering, and has 5 plugs arranged vertically. You would remove the 'silencer pad' on the under side edge of it, and then another part called the knee blocker which would allow you to then see the body control module with its 5 vertically arranged plugs.
Use a needle to poke through the wires' insulation and then attach your meter to the needle and to a shiny metal grounding point on the body. Read the voltage and the resistance of each of the wires. All the doors should be closed when you are making the measurements.
Once we know which door reading falsely ajar we can find the ajar switch for the door and determine why it is showing a false ajar.
Alternatively, you can perhaps find a protrusion on each of the doors/frames which seem to be spring-loaded and which when pushed would turn off the warning light.
I assume that because of the warning light being "on" that also the interior cabin lights are also stuck "on", correct?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Roland, thanks again for your help to this point.  Before I doing anything stupid, are you saying that I should pull the number 3 vertical plug(middle plug) from the BCM and then perform the voltage test?  In answer to your previous question, the dome lights, door ajar light and odometer lights go off automatically after a few minutes after inactivity, which I assume Chrysler built into the system in order to prevent a dead battery.  Also, I've tried the push test, that you mentioned, on each of the doors and the door ajar light still stays on. Thank you again.   John

Hi Kathleen,
The wiring diagrams don't show the exact circuit of the door ajar switches. I would be inclined to measure the voltage showing on each wire with the plug still plugged into the bcm.
Them as am altermative remove the plug and then re-measure the resistances to ground of the four wires to see whether you can find one that is different from the other three. If no matter what you push on the lights stay on, then perhaps one of the four wires is shorted to ground between its switch and the plug. Make these measurements with all four doors closed.
Thanks for the rating and nomination.

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