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Chrysler Repair/Car won't start: '94 LHS


QUESTION: I have a 94' Chrysler LHS and my won't start at all. I've had this happen about 2 weeks ago and I was able to get it back up and running by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery.

Yesterday while trying to start it, I cranked but died immediately. I think it might be the BCM but how would I know if that's the problem. I check the engine, alternator, starter but I won't cut on. I can't even get the check engine light to come on to get the codes for it.

ANSWER: Hi LaKenndra,
The check engine light should come on when you turn the key to the run position and then go off typically when the engine starts (unless there is a fault code). So I wonder if you might have a problem with either the ground wires of the battery or the + post wires. So you would want to "follow" those wires from both of the battery posts to their far ends and check to be sure that they are well attached. There are two black ground wires on the battery, one goes to the frame rail, one to the engine. There are two fat red wires on the + post that go to the starter motor and the power distribution box (after going through a disconnect), and two smaller of which one goes to the A.C. system and the thinnest to the turn signal switch. So look over all those wires directly at the battery post clamps where one might be corroded and also follow them to their far ends. Let me know what you learn.

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QUESTION: Everything does cut on when I turn the key but when I attempt to start the engine or try to manually get the flash codes, it dies. Nothing cuts on after that. The car cranks but it doesn't run or has power for the to see what could be the problem.

ANSWER: Hi LaKenndra,
I assume that you did check all the wires related to the battery? Correct?
What do you mean by "it dies" (when you try to start the engine or to get the codes)? What is "it" and after 'death', what that was "on" now isn't happening any more?

When you turn the key to 'run' position, does the check engine light come 'on' and stay 'on'?
If so, what happens when you instead turn the key to 'run', off, 'run', off, 'run' and leave it on 'run' (doing those 5 steps in 5 seconds or less elapsed time)?
Does the check engine light stay "on" but it doesn't begin to flash on and off, or what does it do?

The other question: will the starter motor always crank over the engine?
Also, when you first turn the key to the 'run' position listen for a "hum" that lasts for about 1 second that comes from the fuel tank, directly under the back seat. Do you hear that or not?

Please try to answer all my questions.

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QUESTION: Yes, I checked all the wires related to the battery. When starting the car or even putting it in the 'run' position, the car shuts off with no power running.

When I turn the key to the 'run' position, the check engine light comes on briefly and cuts off as well as when I do the 'run', off, 'run', off, 'run' and leave it on 'run', the light doesn't stay on nor flashes.

Yes the starter motor cranks over the engine and I've never heard a 'hum' from the fuel tank.

Hi LaKenndra,
You don't hear anything when you turn the key to the "run" position? There should be some sort of a one second noise that comes from under the rear seat, or you might be able to hear it while standing outside the car and helper turns the key to run while you listen for any sound like that coming from the fuel tank.
If not, then check fuse A in the power distribution box in the engine compartment to be sure it is not blown.
It could be that your ignition switch is faulty. Do you have a voltmeter or a 12 volt glow light to check for voltage? If so, go to the fuse box behind the left end-cap of the dash. Turn the key to the run position and note whether you have 12 volts on fuses 17, 18, 10, and 7 because those are "fed" voltage via the ignition switch when it is in the 'run' position.
Let me know what you learn.

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