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Chrysler Repair/'07 2.4L: electronic throttle control problem


If you could be so kind to consider my case.
I have a 2007 chrysler sebring 4 dr  with a 2.4 new world engine , It has electronic throttle control.
the electronic throttle control light came on with the engine running and it will not accelerate. I took it to auto zone but no codes came up. Yet , no acceleration when i press the accelerator in drive. It does accelerate in park. Any ideas. It will drive but not fast as the accelerator does not function in drive.
as always thank you for all you do.

Try turning the ignition key "on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. The see if the odometer reading is replaced by a 4-digit fault code. It would seem there should be such a code that will give us more specifics. If that doesn't work, then an independent shop should do a code readout for under $40.
The throttle body has a 6-wire black plug which includes a 5V supply wire pink/yellow on pin 3 of the plug so you could start by verifying that is present with the key in the 'run' position.
The other wires are for throttle position sensor, throttle motor control, and ground and those are also connected to the powertrain control module. Examine the cord to the plug for any signs of damage.  I can tell you those connections so you can check for continuity of all 6 wires. Once those are verified, along with the fault code, we should be able to tell if its the wiring on the electronic throttle itself which is faulty.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I went to read the code but None to read, it seems to say "done" no p codes . then i started it up and it ran fine . I took it for a 5 min drive and no issues at all, So , Unless you have a suggestion , i will keep driving it and see how long this lasts. Is there anything i should be watching for? Would cleaning the throttle body be of any value ,you think?

With no codes and "done" there must be no fault codes to tell us where to look. I doubt the throttle body cleaning would improve the situation. I would be more inclined to look at the plug/harness to the throttle body that I described which may have an intermittent "open" or short in one of the 6 wires. There is a similar plug/wires at the accelerator pedal as well.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Roland,
When i first addressed this throttle body issue to you in August, it seemed to resolve itself by the following morning. But alas, it has returned again and while the car will still run ok at idle, there is virtually no response when the accelerator is stepped on.  I did check the # 3 terminal and it does have 5 volts present. the plug on the throttle body looks good to me. What would you suggest as the next best course of action?  
I did get another read out of the codes via a advanced auto store service and the codes they saw were: P2101  & P2112.

One other observation is that the starter motor which for the last 2 years has always seemed weak when it is engaged, is even slower now to engage the motor , but it still starts the engine

Thanks for all you do.

Hi Tom,
I have the '07 manual which does have pages for the 2101 and 2112 codes. I can copy those and attach them to an email I would send to you directly. Tell me your email address but don't use the @ symbol, instead use "at" otherwise the address is automatically erased.
I think these pages will help you solve the throttle body problem you have. Feel free to rate my answer and consider giving me a "nomination" as well.

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