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Chrysler Repair/'96 Cirrus 2.4L No Start - fault code 42


QUESTION: 2.4L, 4 dr, sedan. This was a sudden failure - vehicle was running fine, turned off engine and came back 5 minutes later and it will not start. "No Bus" message shows on odometer, not every time I start, but after pulling #5, 9, 11 fuses behind the dash (Int Lamps Radio Mem, Pwr door lock, Gauges PRNDL respectively). Read your message from 3/8/2010 for 99 Cirrus and followed that checking all fuses both behind dash and in engine compartment. All fuses were good
Could not find the Body Control Module you talked about for the 99 Cirrus, but checked voltages for the following fuses behind the dash:
Fuse# Description      Volts Ign Off    Volts Ign On
 5   Int Lmps, Radio        12          9.1
 9   Pwr door lock          0.08          0.09
11   Gauges PRNDL          0.0          0.93

In engine compartment:
Fuse# Description      Volts Ign Off    Volts Ign On
 1   DwnStrm Oxy SSR        15.2          11.4
 3   TCM          11.1          10.3
 5   PCM, ASD          11.9          12.4
 7   Ign Sw          0          1.0
 8   Ign, Fuel Starter       0          12.5
 9   Relays          0          12.3
10   PCM, ABS          0          12.2

An OBD reader shows no codes. I was able once to get it running for a few seconds, but engine vibrated badly like the timing was way off. Just had a new timing belt installed two months ago, so not likely that is the problem.

ANSWER: Hi Kurt,
Thanks for all the details which I will go over using my '96 service manual for the Cirrus.
In the meantime let me suggest two things,
The fault code system in the '96 was still OBD-I so a plug in reader may not work. Try using the ignition switch: "on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. The watch the "check engine" light on the dash, which remains "on", to see it begin to flash, pause, flash, etc. Count the number of flashes before each pause. Then repeat to be sure of an accurate set of counts. Then let me know what you saw.
If you only get two groups of 5 flashes each, which means no codes are present, then check for the possibility that the exhaust gas recirculation valve is stuck ajar which leans out the mixture too much to allow it to start/idle. It is mounted at the rear left side of the engine and is supplied by a narrow pipe that branches off the right side exhaust manifold, The valve has a round top and between that and the body of the valve there is flange which hides the valve stem of the egr valve. That stem has a slot that allows you to move the valve back and forth, and you will feel internal spring-action trying to close the valve to a dead stop. Make sure that the valve does indeed close to a dead stop, and if not moving freely then spray the stem where it enters the body to free up the action using WD-40 or similar spray lubricant.
Let me know what you determine.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Roland. Thank you for the info. I checked the OBD-I and got the following codes: 12, 42, 33, 55.
Will check the EGR next.

ANSWER: Hi Kurt,
12 means the battery was disconnected sometime in the past 50 or starts.
33 points to the AC clutch relay or the pressure in the system being too low or too high, but that wouldn't cause a no start.
The 42 says there is either a problem with the fuel pump relay control circuit OR
a problem with the automatic shutdown relay control circuit or the output voltage of that relay is not being "seen" by the pcm.
So listen to hear for the fuel pump to run for about 1 second and then shut off when you first turn the key to run. That is normal. It should restart when you turn the key to the start position and continue running when the engine starts.
PS Thanks for the kind remarks and nomination.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Roland. I listened for the fuel pump but did not hear it. So I replaced the fuel pump relay but it still won't start. Last few questions:
Where is the auto shutdown relay?
Does it make sense to replace it?
Could it be that the fuel pump itself is dead?
At this point do I need to take it to my local shop? They are pretty sharp, and I trust them.

Hi Kurt,
Do check the fuses that I highlighted in a revision of my first answer to you.
The ASD is in the power distribution box, in the rear section of that box which is hidden under the air intake duct. It is  the next to last on the inboard side of the box. You will probably find that the radiator fan relays are the same part number and they are in the last section of the box, so switch out one of those with the ASD relay.
I doubt it is the fuel pump but rather something to do with the code 42.
So check all the above before giving up. We can do some more analysis of the fuel pump relay circuit and the ASD circuit. Was the egr valve ok?

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