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QUESTION: My concealed Headlight control module is leaking severely. I would like to take it loose and clean it or replace it.1990 Lebaron Hiline convertible,3.0. The black box is under the steering wheel &  drips gunk. It looks like it has multiple functions & plugs so is it detrimental to other operations due to a combined housing or is it a separate housing? Do you know the best method for removing it? Thanks, Mary

ANSWER: Hi Mary,
The concealed headlamp control module according to the '90 manual is mounted on the left side of the steering column. It has one plug with 6 wires and has three electrical relays but those should not be severely leaking black gunk unless the headlamp doors have stopped working and  a relay has melted internally. I don't see any indication of it having multiple functions or multiple plugs. Can you tell me what other functions seem to be involved with it? There is no instruction given for removing it. So look carefully for some sort of mounting bracket that holds it in place.

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QUESTION: RE:Follow up on functions,90Lebaron,headlamp cover module. As you said the covers haven't worked for 20years, but the leaking recently got worse. My research indicated there might be a module link to low fuel indicator for gas tank. As of this week, my fuel pump seems to have quit. I have ordered info manuals,since I lost my old repair book. Car has been doing great for 4-5years w/your prior help.Meanwhile, I wanted to remove the leaky HCM without damaging anything else. Also, the gas tank sender-guage doesn't want to work if It gets half a tank low, which hasn't happened for 10years til now. My memory may have slipped this time, & gas got too low, so It could be the fuel filter, relays,coil, distributor, battery, etc.? Meanwhile, I should've removed this HCM years ago, But I didn't know it would leak for a decade..Actually, I didn't even know its' title til this past week from web surfing. Thanks, Mary

ANSWER: Hi Mary,
There is no relationship between the headlamp cover module and the low fuel indication. The latter is sensed by the fuel pump inside the fuel tank and is sent electrically to the dash.
To test the fuel pump, stand at the rear of car, crouch down to listen for it hum inside the fuel tank for about 1 second after a helper turns the ignition switch to the run position.
You can also go to the engine compartment left side and find the fuel pump relay to be the forward-most relay on that left side inner fender. You can jump a wire between the red/white wire and the dark green/black wire (or remove those two wires from the relay and touch them together) and that will cause the fuel pump to run continuously and you should be able to hear that. The red/white wire has 12v on so don't touch it to any bare metal surface or you will blow a fuse link.
The fuel level sensor is also in the tank, next to the fuel pump. To replace either of those you will need to remove the fuel tank. If the level of fuel is not being reported properly it is likely that the level sensor needs to be replaced.
On the HCM, I am surprised of a noticeable leak but if it is clearly dripping out of it, so be it. The only other fluid source under the dash is radiator coolant that flows through the HVAC housing and that usually cause coolant to collect on the floor mats, not drip down from the dash.

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QUESTION: So I got the HCM Black box unclipped from the other modules or connecting harness area. I unplugged the unit. Six wires as you said. The unit was sealed except for a hole about the size of a dime where the honey like goop leaked.  That makes working under the dash less sticky and I now know how to remove one at a U Pull It yard. Thanks.  Re: the no start, this is an old problem re-occuring. I think it is ASD relay wiring,, as I saw puffs of smoke when I tried the wrong vacuum check valve with the hood up.Wiring checks are above my level without a book & instructions on hand, so I'll check the simple stuff like gas? fuel filter; relays, fuses, til I get the  manual. That reversed vacuum wouldn't have messed with the computer startup would it? If no, just ignore no start until I give up once again. Thanks for the HCM info. Exactly the info I needed.

Hi Mary,
Glad you got the module out. On the no start, what do you mean by "the wrong vacuum check valve" and where did the puffs of smoke come from?
You can try for a fault code readout using the ignition switch: "on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. Then watch the check engine light, which remains "on", to see it begin to flash, pause, flash, etc. count the number of flashes before each pause. Then repeat the process to be sure of an accurate set of flash counts. Then let me know what you saw. The fault code may point to the cause of the no start.
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