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QUESTION: Hi Roland,

It's me again.  I own a 2002 Taurus, rad fan not working.  So I consulted my owner's manual, and removed the cooling fan relays, fan, and fan fuses, so a total of 3 fuses (1 mini, 2 maxi), and then i alligator clipped the rad fan, and it still sparked.  How is this possible?  I don't see any other fuses in the diagram that even comes close to saying "fan".

Also, I have a parasitic draw from the "fuse junction panel - 60 amp".  is that the box itself under the hood that houses all of the mini and maxi fuses?


sk in ottawa, canada

ANSWER: There are likely two pins on the fan's plug itself. One would be attached to an incoming black (ground wire) on the plug and the other to the 12v wire (any color other than black) that comes from the relay. To test the fan, remove the plug, then jump a wire from the ground pin of the fan to a nearby ground (shiny metal surface). Then jump a wire from the other pin to the + post of the battery.* If the fan runs, then there is nothing wrong with the fan, if you just get sparks then the fan is shot.
I don't have the Taurus wiring diagrams so I can't offer any other suggestion.
*If you can't identify the wire colors that go to the fan's plug pins, it doesn't matter. Just do what I said above, with the plug removed from the fan. The fan will run if it is good (maybe in reverse rotation) but will at least run, or it will do nothing/cause sparking in which case the fan needs to be replaced.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I just did what you said, with both wires in reverse position (doesn't matter) and there were sparks.  I put the ground wire on the alternator.  I guess the fan is dead.

And I believe the fuse junction panel is the fuse box under the dash.  It's pulling a major draw and draining my battery.  Would simply get a new box with harness solve the issue or is it more complex than that?



A new box is not the answer in all likelihood. There is one circuit (controlled by one fuse) that is overdrawing current. So you have to determine which circuit it is. Put an amp meter in the gap which you create when you remove the + post clamp from the battery, between the + post and the + post clamp). When everything is 'off' that current should be around 25 milliamps. Then try removing the fuses from the box under the dash and determine which fuse causes the current to drop down to the low level. Then identify the circuit(s) that are supplied by that fuse and check those devices over to see which one is drawing the extra current. I don't have the Taurus wiring diagrams, but if you do you should be able to troubleshoot this instead of replacing the fuse box which will probably not solve your problem.

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