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revc wrote at 2012-12-14 22:05:55
I have had dealings with Hoyt Roberson elsewhere and find him as described in the above material -- a false teacher.  Citing scripture is not something he is fond of.  In a discussion with me he actually affirmed that he himself is the final say in everything.  Not only is his Biblical knowledge woefully lacking, he is deficient in logic, theology, and supplying the expert answers he is fond of ascribing to himself.  It is sad that he will one day find out just how little his pontificating means.

revc wrote at 2012-12-18 15:01:04
To prove what I said above is not an exageration, I offer the following questions and Roberson's answer:

I was asking Roberson to cite a scripture that he said he was reading so we could further a discussion. Since Roberson refused to answer at least 3 questions posed to him, including citing a simple text of scripture, I asked:

"Do you believe that what you say needs no further proof than that you said it?  In other words, are you the final say in everything?"

He replied:

“Pretty much.  Have a nice day.”

iT is little wonder he feels no need to back up anything he says with God's word.  He considers himself to be the highest authority.  He has no problem dispensing his ideas but when asked to provide proof that his ideas come from God's word he will not do it.  This man (not a god as he apparently thinks he is) is not even a teacher, let alone an expert.  Yes, he is absolutely a false-teacher for he teaches his notions as the final word in religious matters.

revc wrote at 2012-12-19 16:54:24
Roberson is actually a minister in the Independent Christian Church.


Recently (12/13/2012) he has taken the following quoted positions:

"Is it possible for people to be acceptable to God without having been baptized? I think the question must be yes, at least in some situations. Since Peter tells us that baptism saves us because it is an appeal to God, or a response to God, rather than a physical washing, it seems that baptism's efficacy is tied up with faith and repentance, and that baptism is the "thing" we do to demonstrate that decision to both God and people. Salvation however, is more fully dependent on the elements of faith and repentance, than it is on a particular ritual."

"I don't believe that a God who loves people, who wants a relationship with him, would demand a physical rite in cases where folks either don't understand the rite, or have been taught that it isn't necessary. If those folks have appropriate faith, and if they are attempting to live their lives (even imperfectly) in alignment with God's character, I believe that God will accept them."

"If you die in the space between the cognitive work of repentance,and getting in the water, I think you're fine. Of course, I also believe the same thing about the space between coming to faith realization and repentance. So, if you asked me if repentance is absolutely necessary, I'd give you the same waffle - yes, but not absolutely."

So, it is clear from these quotes that Roberson "thinks" and "believes" that baptism and even repentance are not necessary.  Too bad for him that the scriptures contradict him on both counts.  

Kmokhtari wrote at 2016-02-22 17:07:13
I am a Christian women. I admit that I am not schooled in religion but led and taught by holt spirit. I find hoyte Roberson in the right when it comes to baptism for we are taught there is one body and one spirit one faith one Lord one baptism one God and father who is above all in all and throughly is all. And as for repentance, Christ died for us while we were yet sinners. I believe the only way to repent or to turn away from our sins is by the Holy Spirit in us leading us on in the path of righteousness. Thank you for listening.  

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