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what do you make of this??

"...there are sins too ruinous, and too serious to receive pardon. Such are murder, idolatry, fraud, denial of Christ, blasphemy, and of course adultery and fornication...Christ will no more intercede for those: he who has been born of God will never commit them: if he has committed them he will not be a son of God." ?? Tertullian AD 200

its hard to believe.

Hi Josh

Taken on its face, Tertullian is wrong as a reading of at least 1Cor 6.9-11 will show. Some of Paul's readers were guilty of these things and yet he says they have been washed.

John tells us that Christians sin, and does not qualify levels of sin.
Tertullian though is writing in another time.

He is likely speaking about such folks being in the visible (or institutional) church. It seems correct that the church of AD 200+ frowned upon admitting people who had committed serious sin. They could be inthe community but not baptized.

Those same folks could seek God and be forgiven, but not be "in the church."
At this same time, the church would use an initiate process thatrequired evidence of a changed life prior to baptism. The penitent's character was paramount.

So, Tertullian was writing in this environment and we need to read him with that in mind.

Even so, his views are incorrect and are at odds with Paul and John. Given such a conflict, I'm going with the Apostles.

Hope that helps.


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