Churches Of Christ/pls can u explain for me


pitch pipe in worship or pitch pipe be for the song

Thankyou for your question Charlies

  In any worship service where I have seen or heard a pitch pipe, it has been used by the song leader to get the proper range to start a song.  I have never seen the pitch pipe used in the song.  I have seem a song leader use it to make sure they are starting off the song at the proper pitch or to instruct the congregation about how the song is going to go ie.........where the tenor or sopranoes sing the strongest.  We are instructed to sing to our God (Eph. 5:19) without the accompaniment of musical instruments.  So if the pitch pipe is only being used to get the right sound or pitch to start a song but not used as an instrument along with the singing, the worship is still right and biblical.  Have a blessed day.

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