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May I ask a few questions?

Was tyre ever destroyed? The bible says it was supposed to never be inhabited, yet atheists claim it still stands

Did the Neil river ever dry up?

And did Egypt ever convert to Judaism as it was suppose to

With regard to Tyre (Tyrus) and its destruction:

I'm hypothesizing that you are referencing Ezekiel 26.  Here is an in depth, systematic response.

With regard to the Nile ever drying up and "Egypt" converting to Judaism:

I'm supposing that you are talking about Isaiah 19.  The issue with this interpretation is that it is a misunderstanding of the book of Isaiah.  Isaiah is not actually writing a book of prophecy about any other nation.  He tells you in Chapter 1 verse 1 that his prophecy or prophecies concern Judah and Jerusalem.  The other nations mentioned are metaphors for Judah and Jerusalem because they wanted to be like those surrounding nations.  The answer requires a more in depth study than I have space for here, but I do have a blog that addresses this point.  I recommend starting with chapter 1 and reading through chapter 19.

The same response would be given for Egypt converting to Judaism.  That's not actually what the prophecy says.  It says Egypt, which is a metaphor for Judah, will ultimately be converted to God.  When Judah went astray for the final time in the days of the Roman Empire, a number of the Jews converted to Christianity.  The rest of the Jews hated the Christians and tried to destroy them, but were wiped out.

I know this answer is insufficient here, but if you read the blog posts concerning Isaiah, it will explain it in far more detail than I can here.

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