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1 Cor 6:2; Jude 14, 15; and Rev 18:20 and other scriptures teach that Christ and his saints will judge the world. Matt 25:33,34 teaches that Christ will "set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left (ASV). If those who obeyed the gospel of Christ (the saints) are "judging the world" with Christ, then who are those "sheep" that are being judged worthy to enter into the Kingdom.  If they were saints they would be among those judging the world, not among those being judged.



Hi Adam,

I thank you for choosing me to answer your question. I am sorry I have taken so long to reply. I am in school right now and working so my time is limited. The passages you reference are definitely not easy to understand. It is always important to determine the context of what we read. Who is speaking? Who is being spoken to? When reading the passages you gave and reading verses above and below them it does help to gain the context of what is written. Yet, these passages are difficult for anyone to understand.

The only way they make sense to me at all is by understanding that we judge the world by our spreading of the gospel.Jesus wants us to go into all the world and spread the gospel. Those who accept the gospel will find salvation while those who reject the gospel will find eternal damnation. Hence, we are judging the world indirectly. We obviously don't have the authority to judge who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell. That is God's place. Now there is also mention of us judging angels. Again, I see that as indirectly.

I have read some commentaries on I Corinthians 6 - one commentary by Burton Coffman had a different understanding than what I stated. Coffman believed Paul was being sarcastic with the church in Corinth because they had listened to a false teacher and they considered themselves superior as Christians to other Christians. I personally think that is reaching too far for an explanation. It makes more sense to me that Paul was not being sarcastic but that he was meaning we judge indirectly by our teaching and preaching the gospel to the world.

I would suggest you ask your question to Ernie Lawrence - a fellow expert here. He is very good at answering questions such as yours and I deeply respect his Bible knowledge. I hope my response is acceptable though. I believe my understanding makes the most sense and is not over reaching.

In Christ, Joe Norman

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