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I've asked several questions about my situation so far and appreciate all of your help. I am not stuck on one other thing. Ok, so in the gospels where Jesus was taking about marriage and divorce and remarriage being adultery he was speaking of the law. But ok since we are not that law but grace then we can be forgiven and not have the punishment for transgression. Jesus said the law was not gone or done away with so although we are not under it, out is there to show us sin. We are to still go by it and use it to see where we are wrong? If so we would see that if we do re marry then we have sinned? Although we can be forgiven of ending the first marriage does that mean that we do not have to go by the second part and not be committing adultery if we marry again? So many things that come up over this. It just seems like it wouldn't be such a difficult subject for everyone to agree on. I just wish it were simple and easy to know what to do.
Thank you again!

Hi Ashley,

There are several purposes for continuing to study the Old Testament. One purpose is to see all the proof that Jesus was indeed the promised Messiah. Another is to learn God's nature. Another is to learn eternal truths that remain true throughout time. There are other purposes as well and it is important in the lives of Christians to know all of God's Word and not just the New Testament. I can understand your confusion. Although Jesus said he didn't come to destroy or end the Law of Moses but to fulfill it, He did not say it would not end. He was making clear that while He was on earth in human form the Law of Moses was still in force and He lived by it.

Paul makes it clear that we are not under the Law of Moses as Christians and even says if we keep part of the Law we must keep all of it and so we should not keep even part of it. Read what Paul wrote regarding remarriage in I Corinthians 7:26-28 again. Paul does encourage everyone to stay in the status they were currently in because the church was being persecuted at that time, so if you are married - or bound to a wife, he says remain bound. If you are loosed (which can be either by divorce or a spouse dying) remain loosed...but if you do marry you do not sin.

Also, if ending the first marriage was sinful because it was done out of selfish reasons and you then repent, what are you repenting of exactly? Are you repenting of marriage or of ending the marriage without a serious reason? Since the obvious answer is you are repenting of ending a marriage for sinful reasons, the way to repent is not to end your new marriage in the same your best to make your new marriage what God wants a marriage to be and be one flesh for life.

We as humans tend to make simple things complicated and this is definitely true of the MDR topic. Too many add to what Gods Word actually says on this topic. I was confused for a long time myself but I am not confused anymore. To me this is no longer confusing or complicated. It is simple. All divorce is caused by at least one person in the marriage letting sin harden their heart. Sometimes it is both letting sin harden their hearts. But all divorce is a result of sin and selfishness. That is the bottom line. Also, divorce ALWAYS ends a marriage for both who were married. But even when a person divorces their spouse for sinful and selfish reasons, that person at some point should realize the sins they are guilty of and repent of those sins. If they entered into a new marriage prior to repenting of the sins which caused their divorce or if they sinned by divorcing, they need to realize that they are repenting of the things that caused their first marriage to end and to prove they have repented they must work to show their new marriage is centered on being what God expects - being one flesh joined for life. You can't unscramble an egg. Repentance looks forward not to our past. From that day you repent forward you are working to change your ways.

I really hope I have helped you. My prayers are with you.

In Christian Love, Joe Norman

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