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I am a 54 year old member of the Church of Christ. I was married to my first husband of 18 years and obtained a divorce from him due to physical, psychological and emotional abuse. He became a Church of Christ member soon after our marriage, but towards the end of our marriage he admittedly became an agnostic. I will add that I asked him before the divorce became final if he was sure about the decision and he adamantly stated that we would never get back together.  Ten years after our divorce, I remarried a member of the Baptist church.  I studied the Bible (more specifically I Corinthians, Chapter 7, Verses 13-16) and I interpreted this to mean that once my husband became agnostic I was no longer "bound" by him and was free to remarry another "believer" (although the Baptist doctrine is somewhat different from the Church of Christ doctrine), although in limited ways.  I would like to add that my current husband was divorced twice previously - once due to, I have been told, adultery, and the other due to physical uncleanliness, or so he states.  Please let me know what position I am in according to God's word and the issue of whether or not I am a sinner and adulteress in the Lord's sight.  I will do whatever is necessary to be with the Lord one day and genuinely want to do the right thing in his eyes.  Reference please Verse 10 and 11 - "but if she does leave, let her remain unmarried).  This is confusing to me.  Thank you so much for your insight and whatever knowledge you can bring to this subject.

Hi Celeste Joye,

You had a right to divorce your husband due to the physical, psychological, and emotional abuse. That is UNFAITHFULNESS to the marriage covenant...serious unfaithfulness. Verses 13-16 teach that if an unbeliever is the one who wants a divorce the Christian spouse must give him/her the divorce and is not bound to try and remain in the marriage because the unbeliever wants out. Your current husband is technically a "believer" but he doesn't truly believe the Word of God is perfect and without error and that we must all unite on that Word of God and put away denominational creeds and doctrines. The Baptists generally do not believe water baptism is necessary for salvation and some - maybe most I don't know - believe that once you are saved you are always saved. These are serious errors in understanding God's Word.

I do not know if the reasons your current husband divorced twice prior to marrying you are true. Apparently you do not know either and have some doubts...what is physical uncleanliness? Does he mean his second wife had a STD?

I can't say it was a sin or wrong to marry someone who is Baptist, but I can say it was not the best idea and there is always a danger that he will lead you away from the Lord's church and from God. But the marriage is a marriage in God's eyes and I believe since you are now married you must do all you can to remain married and if possible, convert your husband to the Lord's church...but my hope is if he does convert it is because he truly learns the truth and his conversion is from his heart and not just going through the motions to please you.

I actually explained verses 10 and 11 in my most recent allexperts answer. Basically verses 10 and 11 are not talking about divorce but of when a wife abandons or separates from her husband. She is then living as one who is "unmarried" - so she has only two options. Continue to live as one unmarried and celibate or return to her HUSBAND and reconcile. You cannot reconcile with someone that you divorced. You can only choose to marry that person again. If they were divorced he would no longer be her husband. Divorce ALWAYS ends a marriage...even when done for wrong and sinful reasons.

If you have more questions I am happy to help. I pray you remain in your marriage and remain faithful to your husband and to God.

In Christian Love, Joe Norman

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