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Thanks so much! At what point does obeying the commandments of God out of a loving heart become legalistic? In other words when one reads the New Testament, finds commandments and keeps them out of a loving heart, when would this become legalistic?

A lot of this is going to depend on how one defines the term 'legalistic'.  At its basic level, legalistic simply means strict adherence to the law.  In that way, Jesus was the most legalistic person ever to exist because He never broke a law.

In the more modern and connotative way, legalistic has come to be confused with Pharisaism, which is when one adds their own laws on top of the the duly authorized law (God's Law in this case).

In the first sense, the answer is never.  In fact John 14:15 ties love of God to keeping His commandments.

In the sense of becoming like the Pharisees, demanding more than the law demands, that's not love of God or others, but love of self, which is the opposite (Matt. 15:9).  I would argue that if one is obeying the commandments of God out of love, then one cannot be Pharisaical.

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