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I was raised catholic, yet at age 19 I felt romped to seek God fully, and found the churches of Christ.

I joined a church at age 19, my minister never baptized me, and never gave a reason. I has to leave though, due to the fact that we were not a united church, and I was gossiped and lied about. I spent many years alone, till age 26 when I joined another church. I spnt two years there volunteering my time. After 2 years I left, my ex minister enjoyed judging others, cussing, saying hateful things about his wife and others, making unfounded accusations.

I then met a young women whom I prayed about. It was during this time I felt prompted by God to pray, have faith, and be patient. I've lately been praying for God to change us both. I lost a great deal of faith during my time in the churches of Christ. But as I said, I felt God urging me to discover him, and indeed I started to see God reveal himself in his creation.

I sadly have not been back to church since, but feel God urging me to return.

My question is, has God been trying to nudge me in my life lately?

Hi Raul,

Thank you for writing to me and asking your question. I am sorry that you did not have a good experience when you first got involved with a local church of Christ. I don't understand why they did not choose to baptize you. I don't know if they really even studied with you to help you better understand God's Word and His plan of salvation. It seems you have had bad experiences with two different religions. I do want to compliment you for feeling prompted by God to pray, have faith, and be patient. This is good and praying for God to change you and the woman you met is also very good. It's good to feel as if God is urging you to discover Him too.

To answer your question, God does not work in a direct and miraculous way with man anymore. God calls people to Him through His divine Word...the Bible. It is through preaching and teaching God's Word that we are called to Him. It is good to have a zeal for God but it must be with understanding...knowledge of His Word. (Romans 10:2)

I do believe when anyone looks at all of Creation they can see God reveal Himself through it. I also know that God has put in all of us a desire to know Him. This is why every race and culture seeks to worship some idea of a god. But there is only one true God and the Bible is the one true Word of God. It is inerrant. It is what we are to live by and what tells us how to organize the Lord's church, how to worship, and how we gain salvation.

I am sorry that your past experience with a local church of Christ was not good and that your experience weakened your faith in God. It is important to keep in mind that all humans are imperfect and have flaws. It is because of this fact that you will never find a perfect individual Christian or a perfect local church. But the churches of Christ are the only ones following the pattern revealed in the New Testament as to how to organize, how to worship, and how we gain salvation. We are not a denomination. Denominations are contrary to God's design for the church. There is ONE church, ONE body. That one church worships in the way revealed in the New Testament. That one church is organized as revealed in the New Testament.

I think it is very good that you have a desire to return to God and my hope is you will find a different church of Christ that is doing their best to follow the Word of God and that you will study with someone to learn God's will for you more accurately. If you would like to study with me privately I can try to do that but my time is limited right now so my responses may be delayed some. But I am willing to help you if I can and if you want to study with me.

I think it would be better if you found someone you can study with in person though. Just let me know okay. I will be praying for you and the woman you mentioned. I really hope you will return to God and worship and be involved with a local church of Christ.

In Christian Love, Joe Norman  

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I am the 4th generation in my family to be a faithful member of the church of Christ. I was raised by a preacher and have studied the Bible everyday since I was twelve. I am 45 yrs old now. I am not a "scholar", but I am very familiar with the scriptures.

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