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QUESTION: I was raised catholic, yet at age 19 I felt romped to seek God fully, and found the churches of Christ.

I joined a church at age 19, my minister never baptized me, and never gave a reason. I has to leave though, due to the fact that we were not a united church, and I was gossiped and lied about. I spent many years alone, till age 26 when I joined another church. I spnt two years there volunteering my time. After 2 years I left, my ex minister enjoyed judging others, cussing, saying hateful things about his wife and others, making unfounded accusations.

I then met a young women whom I prayed about. It was during this time I felt prompted by God to pray, have faith, and be patient. I've lately been praying for God to change us both. I lost a great deal of faith during my time in the churches of Christ. But as I said, I felt God urging me to discover him, and indeed I started to see God reveal himself in his creation.

I sadly have not been back to church since, but feel God urging me to return.

My question is, has God been trying to nudge me in my life lately?

ANSWER: Raul, I'm so sorry to hear of your sad experience. Unfortunately there will always be people who are not legitimately serving Jesus Christ in love. Not to say that Christians will always be perfect and won't let you down, but it appears that those you were dealing with were devoid of the true fruits of The Holy Spirit, the greatest of these being love.

I believe VERY strongly that God is likely nudging you. The most important thing for you to do is to be certain you become one in Christ. Baptism, after believing in Christ, is the point in time when we are joined in the Gospel events of death, burial and resurrection. We die, are buried with Him and raised to new life in baptism. It is when God works forgiveness upon us. So I would pursue that with haste. God bless you.

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QUESTION: I have indeed been baptized at my second church by immersion, I will continue praying for myself and the young women as I've felt nudged.

Another question is, have you seen God change people dramatically?

More then a few church of Christ ministers do not seem to think that God can change people, yet in the bible especially the New Testament God seemed to work on changing people greatly, such as Peter, Paul, and new converts

I have seen some change over-night but many more changed gradually. A favorite verse that says to me that we are covered by grace even when not even close to worthy is 1 Corinthians 3:1 Brothers and sisters, I could not address you as people who live by the Spirit but as people who are still worldly—mere infants in Christ. Babes in Christ are still quite worldly, some even more than others. Thank the Lord that He came to save sinners rather than condemn them.

I can say with great confidence though that those who say they are serving a god who cannot change people are not serving the same One as you and me.

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