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Hello Ernie,

I feel happy to write to you after a very long time.

In Eph. 5:5 Paul refers the greedy person as an idolater.

As per my understanding he (the greedy one) is always thinks about his materials and not God. So he is referred to as an idolater.

If that is correct can we add the one who is lusting, one who strives for power and position and such kind also idolaters.

Please provide references.


Absolutely.  Idolatry is, by definition, the worship of anything that is not God.  Worship can take many forms, but primarily it is placing the target of worship first and central to your life.  The Jews were called idolaters for lifting up their biological descent from Moses before service to God (Romans 2; Rev. 2:14, 20; 21:8; 22:15).  These passages are all direct references to the Jews who did not worship idols made of stone or metal or wood.  Yet they sought power by aligning themselves to an extent with the pagan powers of Rome, they sought wealth from the nations around them, they thought that adhering to Moses would protect them from the consequences of their adultery, but the problem was that they were not actually listening to Moses.  They were listening to the rabbinical traditions that Pharisees had heaped up on top of the Law of Moses, had lifted that up above God's Word.  Their traditions also became an idol that they served.

I hope this gives the type of answer you were looking for.  Good to hear from you again!

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