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Hello Ernie,

Here in Luke 16:9 the bible refers the mammon as unrighteous.

Why it is referred to as unrighteous?

Also please tell me what are the lessons that we can find from this parable.

Is there any good material to learn the parables ( all parables).

In Christian love,

Sorry this is late in coming, but with the holidays, I'm swamped.

Mammon is a word that refers to physical treasures and riches.  Here it is not mammon that is called unrighteous, but the word unrighteous that modifies what kind of mammon it is.  The lesson of this parable ties in to your question.  The "children of this generation" are the Jews and the "children of light" are those who would come after, the Christians.

The Jews were notorious for their addiction to things physical.  This is such a powerful aspect of their identity that I could spend hours typing out all the examples of this.  They looked for a physical king, a physical conqueror, a physical kingdom, they put their trust and desire in physical riches, in physical land, in physical bloodlines, and even from time to time physical gods made with hands (e.g. the golden calf).  They were very good with the physical stuff, but it was their ultimate downfall because they focused on it rather than the spiritual things those physical things pointed to, Christ and the church.

What Jesus is saying is that the Jews, who were good with money, deal wisely with money, and are recognized for this shrewd business handling by other Jews.

Jesus is then telling the disciples if they cannot be trusted to deal wisely with physical things, things that are only temporary, they certainly cannot be trusted to deal wisely with the greater things, the eternal, spiritual truths.

He is also telling them to make friends of the Jews and be seen to be wise and honest in handling the things the Jews saw as important, so that when the physical wealth of Judah failed (because Judaism would soon fall), then the Jews would be more willing to listen and join the disciples in those things eternal that the disciples were good stewards of seeing as they already trusted the Christians for how they comported themselves with the material wealth.

We might look at it today like this:  would you trust an elder with looking out for the best interests of the flock if he was known to be someone who was dishonest with money?

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