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I am a new member of the Church of Christ. I have been single all my life. Down through the ages women and also men have been subject to arranged marriages, these marriages having taken place without love even being a factor in the mix. I have thought about a marriage of convenience for some time, I don't love this man, but he is a good friend of mine. We would probably not even sleep in the same room, I don't love him that way. My mother is aging and throughout the years a lot of my family have died out, just don't want to feel alone. Would this be wrong to marry someone knowing that I could never be truly a wife to him, and if he knew that and he's still willing to marry me? He is not a Church of Christ member, and I know that the bible says not to be "yoked unevenly" to another. Just wondering what your thoughts are.


The initial answer is in your last not be unequally yoked. The reason for that is not that there's a rule about it, but it is dangerous to the believer's faith. It is hard to live the life of God when someone so close does not.

Marriage similarly isn't about living arrangements or getting along. It is about commitment, about life-long intention to care for and nurture our partner.

Love is a decision, not an emotional or physiological reaction to someone, although friendship may well be. To love someone is to put them first, to look out for their best interest, to be a safe landing place for them. To marry someone is to make that commitment to them for life.

To my mind then, there are two reasons not to marry this person. The first is your own answer of being unequally yoked. The second is that the purpose and intent of marriage is more than what arranged marriages might signify. We do not get married with one foot in and the other out. Marriage, correctly understood, is something we jump into with both feet. Our partners deserve that of us.

Those are my thoughts; your mileage may vary.

Blessings on your journey and your decisions.


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