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I've always been partial to New American Standard. My Greek teacher in college always said that it was the best at the time. The NIV is very readable, probably more so than NAS. The bottom line is that when studying things of great import that we can go to multiple versions and get different nuances of the truth. The ones to be VERY leery of as stand alone versions are the paraphrase translations that do not require scholars and groups of people to be involved in the process. As an example, The Message, is one of these. Although it can be helpful when studied with other versions, as a stand alone version it flat out changes things and is equivalent to mere men's words.

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I strive to intelligently and respectfully discuss thoughtful questions pertaining to doctrinal issues within the Churches of Christ and feel I can contribute thoughtful answers in most cases. I feel myself to be especially adept when answering questions regarding the Gospel of Christ and baptism. I always strive to be humble, realizing that there are some issues that are respectfully and honorably debatable. I realize that the Bible is perfect and able to provide any truth that the seeker of truth is after. At the same time I realize that though I am very conscientious about pointing people in the right direction, I am still a fallible human being and certainly capable of making mistakes. I will always give my opinion AS my opinion and strive not to state as fact something which cannot be supported by good logic or a good thorough study through the scriptures.


I am a minister within the Churches of Christ. I have been preaching for 14 years and have been on five separate mission trips to the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa. I have preached the Gospel to literally thousands of people and it is my passion to do so.

I graduated with honors from Atkins High School in Atkins, AR in 1984. I went on to get my Bible degree at Harding University in Searcy, AR where I graduated Cum Laude.

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