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Hallo Bro Joe,

As the bible says we are not under the law which God has given to Israelites.

But the sins listed in the law are still sins.

What if I do a sin as per the law.

Since I am justified by faith and not by works, what if I continue to do the sin and remain faithful in Christ?

In Christ,

Hi brother Praywin,

I appreciate the question you present to me. My hope is my answer will be understood and be biblically accurate.

Yes we are justified by faith and not works of the Law of Moses. Not all the sins listed in the Law of Moses are still sins under the New Covenant. We are no longer required to have all males be circumcised and anything regarding animal sacrifice no longer applies, etc. But murder is and always has been a sin. Adultery is and always has been a sin. Lying, stealing, fornication, homosexuality etc...all sins. If you commit a sin that was a sin under the Law of Moses and is still a sin under the New Covenant, you simply need to repent of your sin. If your sin was committed in public, you should go before your local church and confess and repent and ask for the prayers of your local church family. If the sin was committed in private, you can just go to God in prayer privately and repent. Repentance is a change of mind that leads to a change of action and it looks forward. What I mean by that is that when you repent of a sin, you are making a commitment to God that from that moment forward, you will do your very best to avoid committing that specific sin again. You don't look to what's been done and try to rectify it by making restitution or offering acts of penance. There is no evidence of any command, example or necessary inference supporting such things as acts of penance and restitution.

To really understand what you are asking, I encourage you to carefully study both the book of Hebrews and the book of Romans. Well for the book of Romans, I suggest you just study chapter 6 closely because that clearly explains that we are not to sin so that God's grace will abound. It also speaks on justification. Just because we are justified by faith and not by works, this does not mean we can sin willfully and continue in a sin. It is impossible to continue in sin and remain faithful in Christ Jesus. The book of James also explains that we are not saved by faith alone. Our faith is one that is is more than just believing. It is acting on what we believe to be true.

I apologize if this answer seems not detailed enough. There are people who have written large books on the things you asked about and normally I would write more with more scripture, but I felt it might be good for me to just point you to books in the New Testament that have much to say on the topics you asked about so you can learn the answers directly from God's Word. Also, I am going out of town tomorrow morning to visit my dad. He's not doing well and I fear he is near his time to leave this world and go to God. I will not be home until Sunday night.

If you have follow up questions, I will not be able to get them and respond until Monday. I might suggest that you also send your question to some of the other men who are listed as experts under the church of Christ. I would recommend Marvin Howard and Ernie...there are others I believe can answer you well but right now my brain is not giving me their names.

In Christian Love, Joe Norman

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